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Brighton Student Accommodation

Diversity, inclusion and a student community by the seaside. It’s easy to see why Brighton is one of the UK’s best and most-loved places to call home. At aparto, we provide modern student accommodation in Brighton to optimise your student experience in this beautiful city.

Student Living in Brighton

With prestigious universities like the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton, students can access top-quality education while immersing themselves in a diverse and inclusive community.

Brighton also offers an unbeatable combination of vibrant energy, a buzzing arts and music scene, and a beautiful coastal setting.

With a range of accommodation options at Vogue Studios and The Stoneworks, and a thriving student community, Brighton provides an exciting and enriching student experience like no other.

Close to university
Close to university
By the seaside
By the seaside
Vibrant cultural scene
Vibrant cultural scene
Lots of bars and restaurants
Lots of bars and restaurants

    We have 2 properties in Brighton

    Vogue Studios

    106 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3QA

    For student accommodation that feels like home, you can’t beat Vogue Studios. Stylish design and great service creates the perfect space in these exclusive studios.

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    1A Gladstone Place, Brighton, BN2 3DL

    Perfectly located for the University of Brighton, the University of Sussex and Brighton Business School, Stoneworks is an easy commute to lectures and everything Brighton's city centre has to offer.

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    Silver Studio


    Silver Studios offer stylish and convenient living spaces. These rooms include a private ensuite, kitchenette, and a comfortable double bed. With ample storage and study space, they provide a comfortable and functional environment. Choose from various room sizes to suit your preferences.

    Gold Studio


    Gold Studios offer a bit more room to relax and enjoy. These studios come with a private kitchen, ensuite bathroom, and a comfortable double bed. With ample storage space and functional design, they provide a comfortable and convenient living environment. Choose from different room sizes to suit your preferences.


    Accessible Studios


    Gold Studios Accessible provide both additional room and accessibility. These rooms feature a private kitchen, ensuite bathroom, and a comfortable double bed. Offering plenty of storage space and a well-designed layout, they ensure a comfortable and convenient living experience. Located on the ground floor level for added accessibility.

    What Students Are Saying

    Want to know what student living is like at aparto?

    Have a read to see what our residents have to say about living at
    aparto Vogue Studios and The Stoneworks in Brighton!

    “Everything about aparto in Brighton is great, the staff are friendly and the building really modern!”
    “I felt really safe while staying at Vogue Studios, the location is great, it is not too far from the sea front and easy to get into the centre of town.”
    “I loved my time at Stoneworks, I made some amazing friends and will never forget my time here”

    Our Student Accommodation in Brighton

    Both Vogue Studios and The Stoneworks are ideally located in Brighton's city centre, close to Brighton universities and nearby shops, making them an ideal choice for student living. From the moment you arrive, our friendly staff will make sure you feel welcome and happy in your new home. Discover our superb Brighton accommodations and what they have to offer to contribute to a fulfilling student experience in this beautiful city.

    Utility bills included
    Utility bills included
    24/7 CCTV
    24/7 CCTV
    Modern Gym
    Modern Gym
    70 mb WIFI
    70 mb WIFI
    On-site laundry
    On-site laundry
    Social events
    Social events
    Bike storage
    Bike storage
    Brilliant location
    Brilliant location
    Navy 18
    Simple steps on how you can book your Student Accommodation!

    1. Visit our residence page - Vogue Studios or The Stoneworks. Looking for short stays click here!

    2. Browse & select your chosen room type

    3. Register on the portal

    4. For long stays, secure your room with one weeks advanced rent. T&C's apply.

    5. The full cost is payable in full or installments via TransferMate, making international
    payments FREE of charge via bank transfer.

    Are you a returning student? Simply log in to the portal to rebook your room!

    Student life in Brighton

    Join our student community at The Stoneworks or Vogue Studios located close to Brighton’s local amenities and standout attractions. Looking for what to do during your studies? Brighton’s highlights are right here.

    About Brighton

    This vibrant coastal city offers an unbeatable combination of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and a buzzing atmosphere. From top-notch universities to a thriving arts and music scene, there's never a dull moment.

    Explore the iconic Lanes, chill on the beach, indulge in vibrant nightlife, and connect with a welcoming student community. Get ready for an unforgettable student adventure in the energetic and diverse city of Brighton!

    Universities in Brighton

    Brighton is home to esteemed universities that offer exceptional educational opportunities. The University of Brighton and the University of Sussex are renowned for their academic excellence, innovative research, and vibrant student life.

    These universities draw students from around the globe, as they offer a diverse array of disciplines, cutting-edge facilities, and a nurturing learning atmosphere. With their commitment to excellence and an inclusive environment, these institutions are magnets for those seeking a top-notch education in a lively and diverse city.

    Best attractions in Brighton

    Brighton is renowned for its captivating range of attractions that caters to everyone. Embark on an adventure at the iconic Brighton Pier, where classic beachside amusements await.

    Explore the vibrant North Laine area, home to many unique shops and independent boutiques. Marvel at the exquisite Royal Pavilion, an architectural masterpiece that exudes exotic charm. Lastly, bask in the breathtaking coastal views while unwinding on the pebble beach.

    Brighton promises an unforgettable experience with its eclectic blend of attractions.

    More Information About Brighton

    Dive into the Vibrant Student Life of Brighton

    Brighton, a city known for its vibrant culture and seaside charm, is home to a thriving academic community with universities like the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. Each institution offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a rich student experience, making it an ideal destination for higher education.

    Discover the perfect blend of comfort and convenience at our student accommodations in Brighton: Vogue Studios and Stoneworks. Located close to the bustling campuses, our modern student housing ensures you have everything you need for a productive and enjoyable university life. With well-designed rooms, communal study spaces, and state-of-the-art amenities, you can focus on your studies and still have ample opportunities to socialise and unwind.

    Our Brighton student accommodation is thoughtfully designed to cater to your academic needs while fostering a sense of community. You'll have access to spacious common areas, study lounges, high-speed internet, and recreational facilities. Whether it's studying for exams, participating in group projects, or simply relaxing with friends, our accommodations provide the perfect backdrop for your university journey.

    If you're seeking a change of study environment, Brighton offers a variety of options. You can explore the university libraries, such as the University of Sussex Library and the Aldrich Library at the University of Brighton, which provide serene study spaces and a wealth of resources. Additionally, the city is dotted with cosy cafes and welcoming coffee shops, where you can sip on your favourite brew while immersing yourself in your coursework.

    Brighton's university life is not just about academics; it's about embracing a diverse and vibrant community. With its lively arts scene, beautiful beaches, and countless cultural events, you'll find plenty of opportunities to make lasting memories with fellow students and create a well-rounded university experience that goes beyond the classroom.

    Find How to Navigate the City

    Getting around in Brighton is easy because there are many different ways to go places. Whether you're going to class, exploring the city, or having fun on weekends, Brighton has a lot of convenient and interesting ways to get from one spot to another.

    Trains: Brighton has trains that can take you to different places nearby. They are good for going a bit farther and exploring the area. You can use the train to visit nearby towns or just enjoy a day out of the city.

    Buses: Brighton also has buses that run all around the city. They are a reliable way to get to your destination within Brighton, including universities, shops, and other places you might want to go. Buses are a budget-friendly and easy mode of transportation for students.

    Bicycles: You can use electric bikes to move around without getting tired. They are good for the environment, and you can find them for rent in various places in the city. There are also special paths for biking, so you can enjoy the ride safely.

    Trams: Brighton has special trams that run along the coast, which is near the sea. These trams have a vintage look and feel, and they can take you to the beach and other nice places by the sea.

    Enjoy Brighton's Delights

    Brighton's cultural and social scene is a vibrant tapestry waiting for students to explore and enjoy beyond their academic pursuits. Immerse yourself in the city's rich history by visiting iconic landmarks such as the Royal Pavilion, a stunning palace with a unique architectural style, and the historic Brighton Pier, where you can embrace the seaside charm.

    For art enthusiasts, Brighton offers cultural institutions like the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, showcasing a diverse collection of art and history. Music lovers can enjoy live performances at renowned venues like the Brighton Dome and Concorde 2, where you can catch your favourite bands and artists.

    Brighton's culinary scene offers a delightful adventure with a multitude of options. You can taste traditional British fare, including classic fish and chips, at renowned seafood restaurants like The Regency Restaurant and Riddle & Finns. For those craving international flavours, explore the eclectic range of restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the city, such as The Chilli Pickle for authentic Indian cuisine or La Choza for vibrant Mexican flavours.

    Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the scenic beauty of Brighton. The city boasts beautiful parks and green spaces like Preston Park and Stanmer Park, providing tranquil escapes from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Nearby destinations like the South Downs National Park offer stunning natural vistas for day trips and outdoor adventures.

    Brighton's nightlife is a mix of traditional pubs, like The Basketmakers Arms, and trendy bars and clubs such as Patterns and Casablanca Club. Whatever your preferences, Brighton's nightlife ensures students can relax, socialise, and create memorable moments during their time in this lively and student-friendly coastal city.

    Brighton universities

    Brighton universities

    View universities
    Brighton city guide

    Brighton city guide

    Explore our city guide

    Brighton Blogs: Tips, Guides & More

    Want to find out more about our student accommodation in Brighton or the city itself? Click below and read our latest blogs on the area to keep up to date with the exciting things happening in or residence and the city. 

    Brighton is renowned for its art, culture, shopping and nightlife, and its liberal community feel means it’s fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular student destinations. Choose to study at any of Brighton’s well-regarded colleges, and you’ll join a diverse and welcoming student community while enjoying the legendary culture and timeless coastal charm of this beloved English seaside city...

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    Hi everyone, my name is Susmera and I'm a MSc in Marketing and Consumer Psychology student at The University of Sussex, living with aparto in Brighton, from India! I am here to tell you about some great city attractions to check out this spring/summer whilst exploring the town...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For those questions you still might be needing an answer for, look no further, all of your answers can be found below!

    There are about 18,000 students in Brighton.

    Student life in Brighton is absolutely awesome! The city is bursting with energy and has everything you need for a memorable time. You can dive into the vibrant arts and music scene, party the night away, and chill on the beautiful beach. Brighton's got a unique vibe that's all about embracing individuality and creativity. Plus, the student community is super friendly and welcoming.

    Brighton is home to several universities, including the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. These institutions offer a vibrant academic atmosphere, diverse academic programs, and a strong emphasis on creativity and innovation. Students can benefit from modern facilities, lively student communities, and proximity to the coastal city's cultural attractions.

    Brighton is an excellent location for international students. The city is known for its diverse and inclusive community, making it easy for international students to feel welcome and at home. With its top universities, vibrant cultural scene, and coastal charm, Brighton offers a fantastic blend of academic opportunities, multicultural experiences, and a supportive environment for international students to thrive in.

    Brighton is generally considered a safe city for students. Like any urban area, it's important to exercise common sense and take normal precautions. The city has a strong police presence and a low crime rate compared to other major UK cities, making it a reassuring environment for students to live, study, and enjoy their time in Brighton.

    Our 2 Brighton properties are at a walking distance from Mithras House and Moulsecoomb Campus, and a 15 minute bicycle ride from Falmer Campus.

    Brighton offers a wide range of activities and attractions to explore. You can wander through the lively North Laine area, filled with quirky shops and independent boutiques, visit the iconic Royal Pavilion with its stunning architecture, relax on the pebble beach and take a stroll along the famous Brighton Pier, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife with its lively bars, clubs, and music venues. From cultural landmarks to shopping, seaside fun, and entertainment, there's never a shortage of things to do in Brighton.

    Close to Brighton, there are several interesting attractions. Some notable ones include the historic Arundel Castle, the stunning Seven Sisters cliffs, the vibrant seaside town of Eastbourne, and the picturesque village of Lewes with its medieval castle and charming streets.

    Yes, Brighton offers a variety of sport and leisure amenities. The city has sports centres, gyms, swimming pools, and recreational facilities. Additionally, the seaside location provides opportunities for water sports, beach activities, and there are parks and green spaces for outdoor activities and relaxation.

    Yes, Brighton and its surroundings have several green areas. Notable ones include Preston Park, Stanmer Park, and the South Downs National Park nearby. These provide opportunities for outdoor activities, picnics, and enjoying the natural beauty of the region.