Cancellation Policy Scotland

Cancellation Policy Scotland: 2022-23

Cancellation Policy Scotland 

We understand that choosing where to live can be a big decision. Your circumstances may be subject to an entry visa or exam results. This policy sets out the process for requesting a cancellation and the fees involved.


Cooling-off Period 

Provided you have not collected your keys, you can cancel your booking in writing or by sending an email to the residence inbox within 7 days of accepting your agreement. You will receive a full refund of all fees paid to aparto. If you book your accommodation on or after 1 August 2022, your cooling-off period will reduce to 48 hours. 


Booking Terms 

Once you have signed the agreement to confirm your booking, the agreement's terms and conditions, including all payments, are legally enforceable. 

  • For the Combworks in Aberdeen, a booking fee of £100 is required to confirm your booking. £100 will be retained for any successful cancellation for any reason outside of the Cooling-off Period.  
  • For the Glasgow West End residence, a booking fee of £300 is required to confirm your booking. £100 will be retained for any successful cancellation for any reason outside of the Cooling-off Period. 


Reasons You Can Cancel

Suppose you are refused a study visa or are unsuccessful in obtaining entry to your chosen university/college. In that case, you can cancel your booking, and you will receive a full refund of rent and deposit minus the retained fee. You must contact the residence team within 72 hours of receiving suitable confirmation (e.g. UCAS portal, visa letter) and evidence in both these circumstances. 


Tenancy Takeover Process 

If you no longer wish to live with aparto and the above circumstances do not apply, you will need to find another tenant to take over your tenancy. Please note that you will remain liable for all accommodation fees until a replacement person is found and their tenancy starts.

You must email the residence inbox, and our team will provide details of this process. The new tenant must be a student, and aparto must approve the new tenant for the tenancy takeover to be valid. A fee also is retained for successful requests.  

The tenancy takeover process applies to the following circumstances:

  • Any travel disruption for any reason. 
  • Any government and or institution restrictions because of the pandemic.
  • Distance learning where classes are moved online.
  • Your university or college changes course dates.
  • Change your mind for any other reason. 

This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change or addition at the discretion of the on site team. Tenancy takeovers will only be allowed during certain periods of the year. Speak to your site reception for more details.


Cancellation after you have moved in

To avoid any doubt, once your tenancy reaches it start date, you are no longer eligible to cancel and must find a replacement student.