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Your Brighton City Guide


Your Brighton City Guide

15 March 2018


by aparto admin

aparto admin

Brighton is renowned for its art, culture, shopping and nightlife, and its liberal community feel means it’s fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular student destinations. Choose to study at any of Brighton’s well-regarded colleges, and you’ll join a diverse and welcoming student community while enjoying the legendary culture and timeless coastal charm of this beloved English seaside city.



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Area Guide | Stoneworks and Vogue Studios




Student Life in Brighton





Area Guide | Stoneworks and Vogue Studios



Located just a minute apart, on Brighton’s popular Lewes Road thoroughfare, the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios are contemporary apartment buildings offering stylish accommodation for between 48 and 51 students. Both complexes comprise of individual studio rooms containing everything you could need for independent living in the heart of Brighton, including a kitchenette, en-suite shower room, double bed and study area.


Lewes Road is one of the main commuter routes into the heart of Brighton, connecting the city centre with the suburb of Moulsecoomb and the University of Brighton’s Falmer campus. At its southern end, the street boasts a great selection of bars and restaurants, and is a short stroll from Brighton’s famous Lanes. As you travel away from the city centre, students can enjoy a variety of local convenience shops, takeaways and cafés – so everything is on your doorstep.


And as far as getting around is concerned, both Stoneworks and Vogue Studios are serviced by several bus routes, including The Regency Route on Lewes Road, which offers fast travel to the heart of the city as well as the University of Brighton and its Moulsecoomb and Falmer campus.


With a superb range of local amenities and excellent travel links to all areas of the city, the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios apartment buildings on Lewes Road offer an unbeatable base for student life in Brighton.





Directions and Getting Around




Below, we list how to get from both the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios to the University of Brighton, University of Sussex, Brighton Business School and the city centre via public transport, bike and on foot.



The University of Brighton (Falmer Campus)


By Bus | 29 Minutes


The University of Brighton’s main Falmer campus is a half hour bus ride from both the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios. Simply board the number 25 bus in a northerly direction at the Lewes Road Bus Garage stop, and ride for 21 stops until you reach the campus site.


By Bike | 19 Minutes


Lewes Road has excellent cycling infrastructure, with wide bike paths for the hundreds of students who choose to travel to Falmer campus on two wheels. From the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios, the Falmer campus is a 19-minute bike ride straight up Lewes Road. Be warned, however, that there is a slight hill.


Walking | 50 Minutes


If the sun is out and you fancy a walk, the Falmer campus is a 50-minute, 2.4-mile stroll away. Simply follow Lewes Road all the way through Moulsecoomb, and you’ll reach the campus.



Brighton Business School


By Bus | 8 Minutes


Located just north of Vogue Studios on Lewes Road, Brighton Business School is a short 8-minute journey by bus. If it’s raining and you’re inclined to take the bus over the short half-a-mile distance, you can hop on a number of services, including the 23, 24, 25 48 and 49, heading in a northbound direction towards Moulsecoomb.


By Bike |4 Minutes


Choose to pedal to the business school, and you’ll get from your front door to the lecture theatre in less than 4 minutes (excluding the time it takes to lock up your bike, of course). Follow Lewes Road north and make use of the street’s brilliant cycle paths.


Walking | 9 minutes


Walking is by far the simplest way to reach Brighton Business School, with both the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios being around a 10-minute walk from the campus. Simply crawl out of bed, head north on Lewes Road, and you’re there.



The University of Sussex


The University of Sussex is located adjacent to the University of Brighton’s Falmer campus, so please refer to the details listed above for instructions on how to reach the university from the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios.



Brighton City Centre


By Bus | 12 Minutes


Hop on The Regency Bus Route 28, and you can reach Brighton city centre in just 12 minutes from the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios. The nearest southward bus stop is Lewes Road Bus Stop, and you’ll be riding for 4 stops until you reach North Street, in the centre of town.


By Bike | 9 Minutes


Cycling around Brighton is safe and convenient, with a network of spacious, well-lit cycle paths and no-vehicle zones. From Lewes Road, you can get to Brighton city centre in around 10 minutes by bike; simply follow the street south and you’ll soon be in the heart of the action.


Walking | 27 Minutes


Walking into Brighton city centre promises to be a rewarding leg stretch, giving you plenty of opportunity to see the sights and drink in the city’s famous café culture. It’s a 1.3-mile walk to the very centre, but you’ll reach the outer streets of the city centre in a matter of minutes.





Local Amenities




Located on one of Brighton’s busiest transport routes, the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios are serviced by a vast array of local shops, services and amenities – so you needn’t travel far to stock up on life’s essentials or find your favourite local pub.


For daily essentials such as food, toiletries and alcohol, an M&S fuel station is located directly between the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios, so you can pick up a basic array of items. For the big food shop, you’ll need to visit Sainsbury’s, which is located on the nearby Hughes Road, but accessible on foot via the petrol station forecourt.


In need of a local doctor? The Allied Medical Practice is located just beyond the Brighton Business School on Lewes Road, so you can either walk, cycle or hop on the bus to get there quickly. There is also a range of other useful amenities on Lewes Road, including The Terrace Barber, Endurance Hair Salon and a local branch of Santander.


If it’s nightlife, entertainment and dining you’re after, the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios are both within walking distance of several pubs, bars and cafés, including The Gladstone, Mojo Coffee, Martha Gunn bar and the Franklin Arms pub. There’s also a good range of local takeaways and fast food vendors, from Kebab Knight to Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.


Of course, with Brighton city centre just minutes away by bus, bike and on foot, there’s always opportunity to head in town to eat and drink out, or else enjoy the city’s famous independent retail opportunities.




Student Life in Brighton



No other UK city caters to young people quite like Brighton. From its bars, restaurants and street-side cafés, to its celebrated culture, arts and music scene, this is a vibrant and colourful place to live and study – and as student-friendly as they come.


If you’re moving to Brighton to study, here we list some of the city’s best student highlights, including notable pubs, bars and eateries, sports and leisure facilities, and the best places to indulge in its famous culture and nightlife.




Sports, Leisure and Fitness


Whether you want to keep fit, join a team or try your hand at yoga, Brighton boasts a great range of sports and fitness centres where you can have fun and meet new people.


The first thing to mention is Parklife, a huge programme of fun fitness events available to all students at the University of Brighton. From conventional sports such as football, badminton and cricket to more niche activities including archery, colour run, dodgeball and bouldering, Parklife offers something for everyone, and all events are very reasonably priced at just £1 each (unless otherwise stated).


If you aren’t attending Brighton University, don’t fret, as Brighton boasts lots of other sports and leisure amenities to keep you busy and active. You’ll find several council-run leisure centres across the city, including one in nearby Moulsecoomb, which offer affordable rates on student gym and swim memberships. Click here to find out more about student memberships from Freedom Leisure.


There are other places to find team sports, clubs and outdoor activities in Brighton too, including at Like Parklife, this is the place to find out about all the different clubs, sports and activities taking place in Brighton, be it canoeing, paragliding or cycling.



Eating Out


For a seaside city, Brighton has a surprising number of places to eat, and is often considered one of the finest foodie destinations south of London. From à la carte seafood restaurants and casual burger bars, to the UK’s most celebrated vegetarian cafés – there’s something for every appetite in this cosmopolitan coastal city.


Let’s begin with Brighton’s breakfast and brunch options, which range from cheap cafés on the Lewes Road to American-style diners in the heart of town. If you’re looking for brunch with a view it has to be New Club, a bar-diner on the seafront that’s heralded for its breakfast burgers, while Seven Bees excels in cheap AM eats that will power you through the day’s studies.




Take time out from your studies, and Brighton is revealed as a rich centre of culture, art, music and cinema. Start your tour at the iconic Brighton Pier, where you can spend an afternoon indulging in classic seaside fun, before taking a ride on the British Airways i360 – the world’s tallest revolving viewing platform, which is well worth doing at least once if you’re new to the area.


Art lovers are advised to take time out to explore the works of the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, which houses a generous permanent collection, as well as a rolling exhibition of works from local artists. Alternatively, if you’re a great lover of modern art, be sure to visit the IO Gallery on Brighton’s bustling North Lane, which houses a changing collection of art from over 100 local and regional artists.


If you’re into live music, you’re in for a treat, as Brighton boasts some of the UK’s most iconic small venues including The Prince Albert, Green Door Store and Hope & Ruin. The city also the has the capacity for larger gigs, with the Corn Exchange and Brighton Dome hosting an annual programme of noteworthy music and theatre events.





Brighton’s celebrated nightlife attracts revellers from all over the UK – such is the diversity and colour of its bars, pubs and clubs. Whether you’re someone who enjoys the odd drink in their local pub, an afternoon bar crawl with friends, or weekly late-night partying, the city has a myriad of venues where you can catch up, have fun and dance the night away.


For a round of drinks on a budget, make for The Hare and Hounds, a popular student watering hole that offers great discounts on beer, wine and cider when you flash your student ID card. If you’re out for a more serious drink, try the Be At One cocktail bar in The Lanes, where students can enjoy 2-4-1 cocktails any night of the week.


You’d expect a small coastal city such as Brighton to be lacking in the clubs department, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. PRYZM, Coalition, Walkabout, Shooshh, Patterns and Bau Wow are just some of the clubs that host student nights, while it’s not unheard of for city-centre pubs to keep their doors open until well into the early hours.



Money Saving Tips



Brighton may have a reputation for being quite expensive, but that’s not to say there aren’t savings to be had as a student. To help you manage your money while studying in Brighton, here we offer some practical money-saving tips.


Buy Textbooks from Discount Bookstores


Brighton is brimming with new and second-hand bookstores, and their shelves are generally crammed with cast-me-downs left behind by university alumni. On Tuesday mornings, head to the University of Sussex campus to dig through the crates of the uni’s weekly book market, where you’re bound to find textbooks relating to your course. We’d also recommend Books for Amnesty, where there are always bargains to be had.



Save Money on Bus and Rail Travel


Getting around Brighton and Hove is easy by bus and rail, but the cost of getting to and fro can quickly add up. To keep your travel spending in check, we’d recommend getting a student bus pass. This will set you back around £399 for the year, but it will help you save in the long run. Click here to find out more.


Don’t Waste Money on a Gym Membership – Use Parklife Instead


As we mentioned above, Parklife is a brilliant keep-fit resource for University of Brighton students, letting you cherry-pick from hundreds of sports and activities at £1 per session – so there’s really no need to sign up to an expensive gym pass.


To find out more about the Stoneworks and Vogue Studios, visit the aparto homepage or contact our team today to arrange a viewing.

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