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Studying at Bocconi in Milan?

Bocconi offers a great university experience. Find out why our residents love studying there.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Bocconi University, an esteemed institution known for its academic excellence, dynamic campus, and rich student experience. Established in 1902, Bocconi University is one of Italy's leading universities, renowned for its focus on business, management, economics, and finance.

About Bocconi University

Bocconi University is not just an academic institution; it's a beacon of Italy's intellectual and cultural heritage. Situated in Milan, the university's campus offers a vibrant setting for academic pursuits.

As a leading European university, Bocconi is recognised for its commitment to excellence in business, management, economics, and finance . It boasts a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs, providing students with a comprehensive education grounded in academic rigour and practical relevance.

Bocconi University is a member of the prestigious CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education, reflecting its international reputation and commitment to global perspectives. The university's alumni network spans the globe, with graduates making significant contributions to various industries and sectors.

Beyond academia, Bocconi University contributes to Milan's cultural and economic landscape, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility. It prepares students to navigate the complexities of the modern world, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to lead and succeed in their chosen fields.


Bocconi University's academic excellence is consistently recognised in various international rankings, particularly in economics, management, and the social sciences. While it doesn't appear in overall rankings due to its specialised nature, Bocconi shines in rankings that focus on its areas of expertise.

In the QS World University Rankings, Bocconi has consistently ranked among the top institutions for Social Sciences and Management in Europe. Similarly, Bocconi features prominently in QS subject rankings, including Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Economics and Econometrics, and Business and Management.

The Financial Times also acknowledges Bocconi's excellence, particularly through its SDA Bocconi School of Management. The school's MBA, Executive MBA, Executive Education Custom Programs, and Executive Education Open Programs consistently rank among the best in Europe and worldwide. Bocconi's MSc courses are also highly regarded, with strong positions in the Master in Management and Finance rankings.

In the U-Multirank project, which offers a different approach to rankings by focusing on various university characteristics, Bocconi performs exceptionally well compared to the group average, highlighting its diverse strengths.

Additionally, in the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, Bocconi is recognised for its research impact in areas such as Economics, Finance, Management, and Public Administration, further solidifying its position as a leading institution in these fields.

Overall, Bocconi University's consistent presence and strong performance in these prestigious rankings underscore its reputation for academic excellence and innovation in economics, management, and the social sciences.

Why Choose Bocconi University?

Studying at Bocconi University offers a distinctive educational experience that combines academic excellence with real-world relevance. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Bocconi University for your studies:

Bocconi University is internationally recognised for its excellence in economics, management, and social sciences. Its rigorous academic programs are designed to challenge and inspire students, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

With a diverse student body and faculty from around the world, Bocconi University offers a truly global perspective. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds, gaining valuable insights into global issues and perspectives.

Bocconi University is a research powerhouse, offering students the chance to engage in cutting-edge research across a range of disciplines. Participating in research projects, students can deepen their understanding and contribute to new knowledge.

Bocconi University's campus in Milan is a modern and dynamic environment, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources. The campus provides a stimulating setting for learning, with a mix of contemporary architecture and green spaces.

Milan is a vibrant and culturally rich city, offering students a wealth of opportunities to explore art, music, fashion, and cuisine. With its bustling streets, historical landmarks, and world-class cultural institutions, Milan provides an exciting backdrop for student life.

Your homes in Milan

Join our welcoming student community at Giovenale Milan residence. Enjoy the comfort of modern facilities and a convenient location, just a short distance from the university.


Ripamonti residence is ideal for students studying in Milan's city center or southern area. We offer a variety of rooms suitable for both international and local students.


Life at aparto

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How to Apply to Bocconi University

To apply to Bocconi University, follow these steps:

  • Register on the My Application Portal.
  • Fill out the online application with the required information and documents.
  • Select 2 preferred labs and 2 alternatives.

Required elements for the application include:

  • Student transcripts in English or Italian, including subjects studied and marks obtained. If available, include a school profile or conversion table indicating the minimum and maximum achievable grade.
  • Personal profile and motivation, which you will need to type into the application portal.

Additional elements that may be required:

  • SAT/ACT scores (not mandatory)
  • English language proficiency (language certificates, native speaker status, etc.)

Alternative options are available to fulfil the language proficiency requirement, and detailed information will be provided during the application procedure.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for Bocconi University vary depending on the program you are applying for. However, there are some general guidelines:

  • Academic qualifications: Applicants should have a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. For undergraduate programs, this typically means completing secondary education. For master's programs, a bachelor's degree or equivalent is required.
  • Language proficiency: Proficiency in English is often required, especially for international students. Bocconi University may accept standardised test scores such as the TOEFL or IELTS, or proof of previous education in English.
  • Specific program requirements: Some programs may have additional requirements, such as specific subjects studied at the high school or undergraduate level, or relevant work experience.
  • Application process: Applicants must follow the specific application procedures for their chosen program, including submitting all required documents and completing any entrance exams or interviews.

It's important to check the specific requirements for the program you are interested in, as they may vary. You can find detailed information on the Bocconi University website or by contacting the admissions office directly.

University Fees

University fees at Bocconi University vary depending on the program chosen. Applicants are advised to check the university's website for specific fee information related to their program of interest.


Bocconi University offers a variety of scholarships to support students in their academic endeavours. They include: 

  • The Bocconi Scholarship for International Students
  • Merit awards recognising exceptional academic performance
  • Need-based grants for students with demonstrated financial need

Students should consult the university's website for current scholarship offerings and application details.

Key Dates

You can find key dates for Bocconi University, including academic schedules and exam dates, in their online calendar.

Bocconi University Student Associations

Bocconi University encourages and values the active involvement of students in campus life through various student associations and initiatives. These associations organise a wide range of activities and events, contributing to a vibrant and engaging campus environment. The university supports these initiatives by providing access to facilities, funding, and communication channels. All student activities are approved by the CASA Committee (or its delegates), which operates according to shared principles updated periodically. This commitment to student engagement enhances the overall student experience at Bocconi University, creating a dynamic and enriching academic community.

Is it Hard to Get into Bocconi University?

Admission to Bocconi University can be competitive due to its prestigious reputation and high academic standards. The university considers various factors in the admission process, including academic achievements, language proficiency, personal statements, and in some cases, standardised test scores. 

The exact difficulty of getting into Bocconi University can vary depending on the program and the number of applicants in a given year. It's important for prospective students to carefully review the admission requirements for their chosen program and to prepare a strong application to maximise their chances of acceptance.


Bocconi University

Bocconi University's undergraduate courses cover a variety of disciplines, including Economics, Management, Finance, and Law. These programs are highly regarded for their academic rigour, practical relevance, and preparation for successful careers in today's competitive job market.



Bocconi University

Bocconi University's postgraduate courses are known for their excellence in Economics, Management, Finance, and Law. These programs offer advanced knowledge and skills, providing students with the tools they need to excel in their chosen field and advance their careers.


Bocconi University Address

Via Roberto Sarfatti, 25, 20100 Milano MI, Italy


Bocconi University is located in the heart of Milan, Italy's vibrant fashion and finance capital. Situated in the historic and culturally rich city, Bocconi's urban campus blends modern architecture with traditional Italian charm. The university's location offers students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Milan's bustling city life while enjoying easy access to the city's many cultural attractions, museums, art galleries, and fashion boutiques.

Giovenale and Ripamonti, our modern student accommodation in Milan, are conveniently located about 10 minutes away from Bocconi University. Located in lively neighbourhoods, these residences provide a modern and inviting living space for students. 

With convenient access to public transportation and a variety of amenities such as shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, Giovenale and Ripamonti offer an excellent home base for students looking to study at Bocconi University and fully experience the city.

    How to Get to Bocconi University

    Getting to Bocconi University is convenient and accessible, thanks to its central location in Milan and well-connected transportation network. Here are some common ways to reach the university:

    Public transport: Milan has an extensive public transport system, including buses, trams, and the metro. Bocconi University is easily accessible by public transport, with several tram and bus stops located nearby. The closest metro station is Porta Romana.

    Cycling: Milan is a bike-friendly city, and many students choose to cycle to Bocconi University. The university provides bike racks for students to park their bikes securely.

    Walking: Bocconi University is located in a pedestrian-friendly area, and many students living nearby choose to walk to campus.

    Car: While driving to Bocconi University is possible, parking in the area can be challenging. It's advisable to use public transport or other alternative modes of transportation instead.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Admission to Bocconi University can be competitive due to its prestigious reputation and high academic standards.

    Bocconi University does not publicly disclose its acceptance rate, but it is known to be selective.

    Bocconi University is consistently ranked among the top universities in Italy and Europe, particularly in the fields of economics, management, finance, and social sciences.

    Yes, Bocconi University is widely regarded as one of the best universities in Italy, known for its academic excellence, particularly in economics, management, finance, and social sciences.

    Yes, Bocconi University is known for its strong international focus and welcoming environment for international students, offering a range of programs and services to support their academic and personal success.

    For accommodation near Bocconi University, we offer student accommodations just about 10 minutes away at Giovenale and Ripamonti. These modern residences provide a convenient and comfortable living environment for students in Milan.