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Studying at Dublin Business School?

Dublin Business School offers a great university experience.  Find out why our residents love studying there.

University Experience

Dublin Business School (DBS), established in 1975 as Accountancy and Business College, has evolved over the years to become Ireland's Leading Independent College. It has expanded its course offerings to include Business Management, Law, Information Technology, the Arts, Psychotherapy, Media and Journalism, Marketing, and more.

Currently, DBS welcomes over 9,000 students, and all of its campuses are conveniently located in Dublin's city centre. The main campus resides in Aungier St., while the other two buildings in George's St. and Balfe St. are just a short walk away from each other.

DBS is dedicated to providing quality education and offers a comprehensive range of academic programs to prepare individuals for success in today's rapidly changing global economy. As part of its commitment to student success, DBS has established a special student engagement and support unit, which assists new students in their transition to higher education through initiatives like the First 100 Days program.

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About Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School (DBS) is more than just an educational institution; it represents a vibrant centre of learning and innovation situated in the heart of Ireland's capital city. Located in the bustling city of Dublin, DBS boasts a contemporary campus that harmoniously blends modern architecture with state-of-the-art facilities. The main campus, strategically positioned in Dublin's city centre, provides convenient access to the city's cultural and business districts, offering an inspiring backdrop for students embarking on their educational journey.

DBS, as a distinguished institution specialising in business and management education, is committed to the fusion of tradition and innovation within a stimulating academic environment. As a globally recognised entity, DBS is unwavering in its dedication to providing education deeply rooted in impactful research, thereby equipping students to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of the business world.

Recognising its role in both local and international communities, DBS is dedicated to enhancing accessibility to education, fostering economic growth, enriching cultural diversity, championing environmental sustainability, and bolstering the national economy through its educational initiatives.

The profound influence of DBS is evident in its contributions to research, job creation, and the accomplishments of its alumni. DBS stands as a powerhouse of research and knowledge production, significantly shaping the educational and business landscapes. The institution's support extends to the creation of numerous jobs locally and nationally, contributing to economic growth and prosperity.

DBS's global prominence is further underscored by the remarkable achievements of its alumni, who have made substantial contributions across various fields. Among their graduates are successful entrepreneurs, esteemed business leaders, and accomplished professionals who have left an indelible mark on the world stage. DBS takes great pride in its distinguished history and its vital role in nurturing the talents of individuals who go on to make a meaningful impact on society and the business world.

Why Should You Study at Dublin Business School?

Dublin Business School has consistently upheld a reputation for excellence in teaching and enhancing the overall learning experience. Their dedicated faculty and innovative teaching methods ensure that students receive a world-class education that equips them for success in their chosen field.

At Dublin Business School, an understanding prevails that each student's career journey is distinct. Consequently, the institution has taken meticulous care in designing certificate, degree, and postgraduate programs to provide students with the requisite flexibility for crafting their career paths.

Dublin Business School acknowledges that each student possesses unique needs and may seek various forms of support during their academic journey. So, DBS is dedicated to providing students with the necessary resources and support for their success.

Situated right in the heart of Dublin, Ireland's vibrant capital city, DBS provides the perfect setting for students to live, work, play, and study. Our central location not only makes it convenient to access the campus but also offers a dynamic and enriching urban environment for your educational experience.

Your homes in Dublin

Introducing our newest state-of-the-art student accommodation, opening in September 2021. The Loom will be home to 166 students who will be surrounded by the buzz of what the city has to offer with vibrant local cafes and places to eat and the city centre. Students will  enjoy our study pods, three courtyards, outdoor ping pong table, cinema room, gym and so many other spaces! 

The Loom

Our largest student residence is home to 471 students who are supported by our friendly and experienced staff. Students can enjoy the best of bold worlds from study life to social life – with an exciting range of events. Students will enjoy the bright spacious study space, social spaces, modern gym and games area. Say hi to our resident house cats, Sebastian and Ash!

Binary Hub

How to Apply to Dublin Business School

You can apply directly through the school's official website. Here is their application form.

Eligibility Criteria

To gain admission to Dublin Business School, applicants need to fulfil specific entry criteria and provide the required documents. For undergraduate courses, you should check the official website for varying entry requirements. For postgraduate courses, the application process includes:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of identification (birth certificate, passport, driver's licence)
  • An English language proficiency test score (like IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent)
  • A detailed CV.
  • Academic or business references
  • A copy of your GNIB card or work permit (if applicable)
  • Your passport
  • Any other necessary documents

University Fees

The tuition fees at Dublin Business School vary depending on whether you are an European student or an international student. Check tuition fees for European students and international students directly on their website.


Dublin Business School provides partial scholarships for Level 8 and Level 9 programs to overseas students who pay their acceptance fee within 30 days of receiving a Confirmed Offer. These scholarships do not apply to specific programs, including ACCA, pre-masters, pre-undergraduate programs, and the Certificate in Business & English Language. 

Additionally, Mexican students may explore financial assistance through FIDERH, a Federal Trust managed by the Central Bank of Mexico, and DBS offers grants of 15% for the third year and 20% for the fourth and subsequent years of full-time paid study where applicable.

Dublin Business School also offers a Sports Scholarship Programme. It is designed to assist high-achieving students in reaching their academic and career objectives, encompassing a variety of fields such as Business, Law, Arts, Film & Media, Social Science, Humanities, and Psychology. DBS's commitment is to help students realise ambition, both in and out of the classroom, setting the stage for a promising future.

Key Dates

Check Dublin Business School release of timetables, exam dates and release of results here.

The Student Union aims to ensure a memorable, exciting and developmental time for all DBS students.

Starting with induction week and throughout the various events, students can interact and meet new students. Students are able to maintain a healthy life balance, stand out for employability and to learn new skills. From Surf Society, to Martial Arts & Self Defence to Coffee Club, there will be many opportunities to do what you love and to discover yourself.

Besides the social experience offered by the Student Union, students’ learning experience is supported. Feedback is encouraged in Class Rep and Student Council Meetings.

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Is it Hard to Get into Dublin Business School?


Many sources mention an acceptance rate of 55-60%. This suggests that DBS maintains a moderate level of selectivity during the admissions process.

For more insights about universities, check out our detailed article about the hardest and easiest universities to get into in the UK.

Best Courses at Dublin Business School

Explore the huge variety of courses that Dublin Business School has to offer! From Undergraduate to Postgraduate courses in a range of fields - there's something to suit everyone.


Dublin Business School

Popular undergraduate courses at Dublin Business School include Business, Computing, Law, Psychology, Creative Media and more.

Undergraduate Courses


Dublin Business School

Notable postgraduate programs at Dublin Business School include MBA, MSc, MA, and Higher Diploma.

Postgraduate Courses

Dublin Business School Addresses

The school has 3 locations in Dublin:

  • 13/14 Aungier Street (main address)
  • Wicklow House, 84/88 South Great George’s Street
  • Balfe House, Balfe Street


DBS is centrally located in Dublin, just a stone away from the beautiful from St. Stephen’s Green park, perfect for exercise or studying  (a beautiful public park, perfect for studying), Grafton Street (shop til you drop!), and the Bar district (awesome music venues!). Be sure to take full advantage of the on-campus libraries, computer labs, and student recreation areas while you’re at it. Dublin Business School (DBS) is easily reached on foot from 2 of our student residences.  

A regular bus service runs close to The Loom and will take you to any of the DBS campuses in about 10 minutes or go by foot and get there within a 21-minute journey.

The Loom, is situated in the heart of the Liberties. Phoenix Park, River Liffey, Guinness Storehouse, IMMA Kilmainham and the National Museum of Ireland are all only a few minutes’ walk from the residence. Less than a 10-minute walk away you will also find the renowned Stephen's Green Park/ Grafton Street – the perfect area to socialise, relax and be entertained. There, you will discover a host of cafes, restaurants and bars on your doorstep.

Our other property, Binary Hub, is within a 20-minute walk from DBS. Using the bus or LUAS service, get to any of the DBS campuses in about 13 minutes. Our accommodation has a city centre location based in the historical Liberties Dublin 8, with easy access to shops, restaurants and bars.

    How to Get to Dublin Business School

    To get to Dublin Business School (DBS), you can use various transportation options depending on your location in Dublin:

    Walking: If you are in the city centre, many DBS campuses are within walking distance from popular landmarks and public transportation hubs.

    Bus: Dublin has an extensive bus network. You can use Dublin Bus to reach DBS campuses. Check routes and schedules on the official Dublin Bus website. Buses servicing Aungier Street directly are 9, 16, 65, 65b, 68, 68a or 83.

    Luas (Tram): The Luas tram system operates in Dublin and serves some areas near DBS campuses. Check the Luas website for routes and schedules.

    DART (Train): If you are further from the city centre, the DART train service might be convenient. Tara Street DART station is near DBS's Aungier Street campus.

    Car: If you prefer to drive, you can use a GPS device or smartphone navigation apps to reach the campus. Note that parking in the city centre can be limited and expensive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Around 55-60% of applicants are accepted at Dublin Business School. This means that DBS is moderately selective when choosing who can join the school.

    Many sources mention an acceptance rate of 55-60%.

    Dublin Business School has a reputation for providing quality education and offers a range of business-related programs. Its quality may vary by program and individual experiences, so it's essential to research specific programs, faculty, and student outcomes to determine if it aligns with your educational goals and expectations.

    Dublin Business School is a subsidiary of Kaplan, Inc., which is a division of the Graham Holdings Company.

    Dublin Business School is a good choice for international students, with diverse programs and a central Dublin location. However, the suitability may vary, so research is essential, considering program specifics, support services, tuition, and visa requirements to make an informed decision.