Top Tips For Studying... Study Smarter, Not Harder ;) Top Tips For Studying... Study Smarter, Not Harder ;)

Top Tips For Studying... Study Smarter, Not Harder ;)


Top Tips For Studying... Study Smarter, Not Harder ;)

08 December 2022


by aparto student

aparto student

It’s that time of year again . . . the time we’ve all been dreading . . . the WORST part of being a student . . . You’ve guest it . . . EXAM SEASON! Now, whether or not you’ve been preparing for finals all semester long or you JUST remembered exams are next week, I’ve put together some tips and tricks that I have gathered over my few years of student life at Trinity College Dublin, that I thought I’d share with you all! Having completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree and currently being in my fourth year of medical school, I hope that these tips will help you along the way!

Organisation is KEY!

I want YOU to go through each module and assess how much time it will take YOU to study the topics. I’ve capitalised YOU for a reason! Assess how much time it will take YOU and stop comparing that time to your peers! For example, how many lectures are there? How much time will it take you to study each lecture? Next, plan it out and organise. Give yourself, roughly 3 to 4 days to study each module! 

Past papers will save you from the SHOCK

This is honestly the hardest part! Assess past papers and triage the material in which you will have to study! Roughly speaking, having memorised 60-70% of the material in each module is sufficient and you can land a 2.1!

**side note: make sure to study/know the basic concept. Don’t go memorising all of the finer details without knowing what the point of it is! Know that a bicycle has two wheels before learning what elements make up the wheels!  

Study the material and STOP procrastinating

Alright, so this might be one of the hardest parts! Find how you best study!

Location: At a café? At home in aparto? At the university library?

Method: taking 5 min breaks after 30 minutes of studying? Staring at the page and hoping osmosis carries you though (personally I have experienced this multiple times)! Pomodoro technique? YouTube study with me?

Make sure to get sufficient SLEEP

Have I done all nighters . . YES. Will I do it again? I’ll let you know! All jokes aside, you have to understand what works for you and your wellbeing!

If you are a week away from exams, then seven to eight hours of sleep will be sufficient to carry you though the study week! You can even nap throughout the day if you feel like you need it.

But as exams creep in closer, you might feel like skipping on sleep to study! When this happens, DO NOT give in! Make sure to at least sleep 5 hours! You CANNOT retain the material if you are sleep deprived. The night before exams, get a couple of hours of sleep under your belt/or head! 

Make sure to stay hydrated and eat well

This goes hand in hand with sleep! Try to stay hydrated and eat a well-balanced diet! Hydration does NOT mean caffeine to the max! Throw in a couple of glasses of WATER every now and then . . . your body will thank you later!

**side note: DO NOT drink energy drinks on an empty stomach. YOU WILL FAINT! Thank me later!

CONFIDENCE because why not

Walk into that exam hall with your head held high! You have done YOUR BEST! You have studied and tried your absolute best to tackle this! Own it!

Celebrate WOOT WOOT

The ABSOLUTE BEST FEELING EVER! The moment you put your pen down at your last exam is the moment I crave every term! It is the best feeling as a student! Go and celebrate (safely I’d like to add)! YOU DID IT! It is O.V.E.R (for this term at least)!

I hope that these tips and tricks help you along the way! It is tough, but tough times make for a better after party!!! If at any stage, you feel overwhelmed, REACH OUT (to friends, family, peers, teachers, your student accommodation team, mental health support (KOOTH & Jigsaw). We are all here to help YOU!

Wishing you all the best of luck during the exam times!


By Mondana Roustaian (Resident at Beckett House from Canada)

Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Nurse - 4th year Medical Student



aparto student

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