Hines & aparto unveil a sustainable mural in response to COP26 Glasgow Hines & aparto unveil a sustainable mural in response to COP26 Glasgow

Hines & aparto unveil a sustainable mural in response to COP26 Glasgow


Hines & aparto unveil a sustainable mural in response to COP26 Glasgow

17 November 2021


by Louise Todd

Louise Todd

At aparto we are committed to being as sustainable as we can to help combat climate change. When we heard that the United Nations COP26 2021 summit was being held in Glasgow, we wanted to ensure that we played our part.

As COP26 drew to a close, Hines & aparto unveiled this mural created in collaboration with local Glasgow artist, Nikki McGuigan from @LittleBookTransfers. The installation was painted live with carbon absorbing paint, in the festival zone of our Glasgow West End residence between the 11th and 12th November, where it will be available to view for the next two weeks.

The design features three of the top species currently under threat by climate change in Scotland; bluebells, the bumble bee, and the highland hare.

The paints used are proven to absorb CO2, pollutants, and volatile organic compounds, which purifies the air we breathe and helps improve our personal health and wellbeing. The paint also enhances the quality of buildings by only using natural sustainable raw materials, and as it contains no micro plastics it means the paints will not pollute soil or contaminate water courses or oceans.

We organized an onsite unveiling event for the residents of Glasgow West End to celebrate this inspiring initiative. A cherry blossom tree, bluebell seeds and bee bombs were planted in the courtyard. We provided the students with some tasty food from Oaka City and bubble teas from Tempo Tea Bar. Students also entered their wishes into a ‘wish’ jar – a wish will be selected at random and #Teamaparto will provide a donation to this student’s preferred climate change charity of choice.

The installation will move to a permanent location within the social spaces at Glasgow West End for our university residents to enjoy and #FeelInspired.

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Louise Todd

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