The 15 Best Things to Do in Dublin in the Summer The 15 Best Things to Do in Dublin in the Summer

The 15 Best Things to Do in Dublin in the Summer


The 15 Best Things to Do in Dublin in the Summer

13 May 2024


by aparto student

aparto student

Ready to make the most of summer in Dublin? Our roundup of the best things to do in Dublin in the summer is packed with top picks to fill your days with fun and excitement. From lounging in the lush Phoenix Park to enjoying fresh sea air on Howth Cliff Walk, there's plenty for everyone. 

Dive into lively festivals, unwind by the picturesque Dún Laoghaire Harbour, or seek out adventure in the Dublin Mountains. Whatever your pace, our suggestions help you discover all the amazing things Dublin has to offer this summer. Grab these ideas and start exploring!

Table of contents:

The ultimate list of the best things to do in Dublin in the summer


1. Explore Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is a true highlight in the centre of Dublin. Here, you can enjoy a bike ride, have a leisurely picnic, or simply stroll around while spotting wild deer. The park also hosts the Dublin Zoo and the President’s residence. With so much to see and do, it serves as Dublin’s green oasis, offering endless opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation.

Deer in a park

2. Visit Howth Cliff Walk

If you like epic sea views and fresh air, the cliffs of Howth are perfect. It’s a beautiful walk where you can see all along the coastline. Afterwards, head into the village and treat yourself to some of the best seafood around. It’s a great way to spend a day outside the city hustle.

Howth Cliffs in the summer

3. Relax at Dún Laoghaire Harbour

Dún Laoghaire is ideal for a laid-back day. You can take a leisurely stroll down the pier, grab some of Dublin's famous ice cream, and watch the boats bobbing in the water. It's super chill and a great spot to hang out and enjoy the seaside vibe.

Dun Laoghaire Pier

4. Discover the Dublin Mountains

Just a short drive from the city, the Dublin Mountains offer some awesome trails for hiking or mountain biking. The views up there are stunning: you can see right over the city. It’s perfect for getting a bit of exercise and fresh air.

Dublin mountains

5. Attend a Festival or a Concert

Dublin’s full of life in the summer with all kinds of festivals, from music to food. There’s always something happening. It’s a fantastic way to dive into the city's vibrant cultural scene and maybe even discover something new. Many famous artists will be coming to Dublin this summer including Taylor Swift and Coldplay. Have a look at what’s happening over the summer in Dublin at the end of this article!

Festival in Dublin in the summer

6. Visit the National Botanic Gardens

The National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin are a peaceful escape from the city bustle. You can wander around and check out thousands of different plants and flowers. It’s pretty and peaceful, a great place to relax or take some beautiful photos.

Orange roses in the summer

7. Enjoy Outdoor Markets

Summer is prime time to check out the outdoor markets in Dublin. Places like Merrion Square Art Market and Temple Bar Food Market are buzzing with stalls selling everything from art to tasty local food. It’s fun to browse and sample different things: it feels like there’s always a treasure to find.

Plums at a market

8. Kayak on the River Liffey

Kayaking down the Liffey lets you see Dublin from a whole new angle. It’s fun, a bit adventurous, and a cool way to see the city landmarks from the water. Plus, it’s something a bit different from the usual tourist activities! 

River Liffey in Dublin in the summer

9. Catch a Game of Gaelic Games

Going to a Gaelic football or hurling match at Croke Park is a blast. The games are fast-paced and the fans are super passionate. It’s a great way to feel the local spirit and energy, even if you’re not usually into sports. Plus, the stadium tour is really interesting if you want to learn more about the sports themselves.


10. Stroll Through St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen's Green is the perfect spot right in the city centre where you can just chill out and enjoy the outdoors. It’s got everything: a lake, beautifully kept gardens, and several sculptures to check out. Whether you’re up for a leisurely walk or just want to lay down a blanket and picnic, it’s an ideal place to relax and watch the world go by.

Aerial view of St Stephen's Green in Dublin

11. Attend a Concert at the Iveagh Gardens

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, Iveagh Gardens is like Dublin’s best-kept secret for live music. During the summer, they host all sorts of concerts. It’s a cosy, intimate spot where you can catch some tunes surrounded by gorgeous greenery. It’s definitely one of the more unique and laid-back music venues in the city.

Microphone at an outdoor concert

12. Explore Dalkey and Killiney Hill

Head over to the village of Dalkey for a quaint and quiet escape, then hike up Killiney Hill. The views from the top are just stunning: you can see all the way from Dublin to the sea, and it's all green and gorgeous in between. It’s a bit of exercise followed by some seriously rewarding scenery.

Pyramid at Killiney Hill

13. Sail in Dublin Bay

Sailing out in Dublin Bay is a brilliant way to make the most of the long summer days. Whether you’re totally new to sailing and want to learn the ropes, or just keen to relax and enjoy the sail, it’s a refreshing escape from city life. The coastline is beautiful, and being out on the water feels like a real adventure.

Sailing rope

14. Swim at the Forty Foot

The Forty Foot in Sandycove isn't just any swimming spot, it's a Dublin legend! People have been taking the plunge here into the Irish Sea for ages. Sure, it's open year-round, but summer's when you really want to go if you're not into freezing your toes off. It’s the perfect spot to get a real taste of Irish sea swimming with both locals and visitors diving in.

Forty Foot in Sandycove

15. Try the Outdoor Cinema

There's something special about watching a movie outdoors, and Dublin's got just the setup for it. Happenings turns watching a film into a cool, community event. Grab a blanket, some snacks, and settle in for an evening under the stars with some classic cinema. It’s super relaxed and a lot of fun. Make sure to check when and where the next screening is, it’s a perfect summer evening plan!

Cinema tickets and popcorn

Great Places to Visit This Summer Just Outside County Dublin

If you're looking to expand your horizons beyond Dublin's vibrant streets, consider a day trip to the nearby towns of Bray, Malahide, and Kildare. Each location offers its own unique charm, from tranquil seaside paths and majestic castles to lush equestrian fields and elegant gardens. These picturesque destinations are just a short drive away and provide a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.


The charming town of Bray is definitely worth a visit. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the scenic Bray Head Walk, which offers stunning views of the Irish Sea and the surrounding coastline. After your hike, treat yourself to a relaxing session at Helios Sauna, where you can unwind and rejuvenate. This modern sauna facility provides a tranquil escape, perfect for soothing tired muscles after a day of adventure. Whether you're into outdoor activities or just looking for a peaceful spot to relax, Bray offers a delightful mix of both.

Helios Sauna in Bray


The historic town of Malahide is another great destination to explore. Known for its picturesque marina, bustling village atmosphere, and the stunning Malahide Castle surrounded by beautiful gardens, this coastal town offers a delightful escape. Spend the day touring the castle, diving into its rich history, and wandering through the extensive grounds that include a walled botanical garden and a butterfly house. Afterwards, take a walk along the marina to enjoy the fresh sea breeze or dine in one of the local seafood restaurants. Malahide combines the charm of seaside life with cultural richness, making it a perfect day trip from Dublin.

Malahide Castle


Continuing your exploration, don’t miss a trip to the town of Kildare, a gem known for its rich equestrian heritage and lush countryside. At the heart of Ireland's thoroughbred country, you can visit the Irish National Stud to discover the world of horse breeding and racing. The adjoining Japanese Gardens, meticulously designed to symbolise the Life of Man, provide a serene and visually stunning experience. Additionally, Kildare offers excellent shopping opportunities at the Kildare Village outlet, where you can find luxury brands at reduced prices. This blend of natural beauty, history, and retail therapy makes Kildare an enriching day out just a short journey from Dublin.

Kildare Village shopping outlet

What happens in Dublin in July 2024?


Here are events happening in Dublin in July 2024 that might interest you:

  • July 1st and 2nd: Longitude Music Festival (Marlay Park)
  • July 1st to 4th: Trinity Summer Series (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • July 1st: Russell Crowe’s Indoor Garden Party (Gaiety Theatre, Dublin)
  • July 4th: Van Morrison Concert (Iveagh Gardens)
  • July 5th: Hozier Concert (Marlay Park)
  • July 5th to 14th: Dun Laoghaire Summer Fest 2024
  • July 6th: Glen Hansard Concert (Iveagh Gardens)
  • July 14th: Passenger Concert (Iveagh Gardens)
  • July 19th: Damien Dempsey and Gemma Hayes Concert (Iveagh Gardens)
  • July 21st: All Ireland Hurling Final (Croke Park)
  • July 21st: Paloma Faith Concert (Iveagh Gardens)
  • July 28th: All Ireland Gaelic Football Final (Croke Park)


What happens in Dublin in August 2024?


Here are events happening in Dublin in August 2024 that might interest you:

  • August 14th to 18th: The Dublin Horse Show (RDS)
  • August 17th: AC/DC Concert (Croke Park)
  • August 17th to 25th: National Heritage Week
  • August 22nd to 25th: Big Grill BBQ and Food Festival (Herbert Park)
  • August 23rd and 24th: Niall Horan Concerts (Royal Hospital Kilmainham)
  • August 24th: Georgia Tech Vs Florida State - College Classic (Aviva Stadium)
  • August 24th: James Blunt Concert (Collins Barracks)
  • August 27th: blink-182 Concert (Royal Hospital Kilmainham)
  • August 29th and 30th: Coldplay Concerts (Croke Park)


Looking for accommodation in Dublin this summer?

Whether you're a student attending a summer course or simply spending the season in the city, we've got you covered. Our five residences offer comfortable and convenient summer accommodation tailored specifically for students. Nestled in key locations around Dublin, each residence provides a safe and welcoming environment perfect for making the most of your summer stay. Explore Dublin at your own pace while enjoying the comforts of home in one of our student-friendly accommodations!

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Is Dublin good in summer?

Yes, Dublin is great in the summer! The city comes alive with festivals, outdoor markets, and plenty of sunshine, making it an exciting time for visitors.

What are the temperatures like in Dublin in July?

In July, Dublin typically experiences mild temperatures, averaging around 16°C to 20°C (61°F to 68°F).

What are the temperatures like in Dublin in August?

Temperatures in Dublin during August are similar to July, usually ranging from 16°C to 20°C (61°F to 68°F), with a pleasant climate.

Is Dublin crowded in July?

Yes, Dublin is quite popular in July due to peak tourist season, but it remains a great time to enjoy the city's attractions and events.

Is Dublin crowded in August?

August sees a good number of visitors in Dublin, attracted by its cultural activities and pleasant atmosphere.

Where to stay in Dublin over the summer?

Students can enjoy summer in Dublin by staying in one of our five convenient residences. Designed specifically for students, these accommodations offer a comfortable base to explore the city and participate in summer activities.

aparto student

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