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The Kooth Exam Calm Zone

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The Kooth Exam Calm Zone

07 June 2023


by aparto student

aparto student

Whether you’re preparing for exams, are just about to sit an exam, or you’re awaiting your results, finding a moment of calm during the exam season can really help you manage feelings of stress, worry, and fear you may be having.

Our calm zone hub is filled with relaxing activities such as calming meditations, activities, and tips to help you find your own moment of calm and do something that feels right for you this exam period.

Find a mini moment of calm

In each short episode of the mindful moments podcast, we’ll talk you through a 5-minute well-being exercise that can be practised anytime, and anywhere.

Do a calming activity

Our Kooth mini activity hub is a great place to find a calming activity. Here’s a few you might like:

woman walking in nature

Listen to a calming meditation

Our Safe space meditation is a great way to help you create a safe space in your mind when exam stress starts to creep in.

If your mind is full, why not try our calming Declutter your mind meditation.

Top tips to help you feel calm on the morning of an exam

We spoke to lots of people who shared what helped them on the morning of their exam. This is what they said:

*All names are pseudonyms

  • Think about what will help you “I made a plan a few days before to help me get through any last minute morning nerves. I met a friend early so we could walk and chat before the exam. It was really helpful - it definitely helped me relax rather than being hyper-focused on exams.” - Hari
  • Give yourself something to look forward to “I made a plan for after my exams, so I had something to look forward to. It was a good way to distract me, help me feel calmer, and it took my mind off the exam itself.” - Alex
  • Get organised “I made sure that I got organised the night before. I had all my equipment and everything that I needed ready by the door, and I planned what I was wearing so I didn’t have anything extra to think about in the morning.” - Ginny
  • Make a playlist “I made a morning playlist to listen to as I got ready and on my journey, too. I made sure the tracks I chose were really motivational. My sister shared that tip with me and I have to say, it helped me to feel confident walking into my exam!” - Sam

For general tips on how to manage exam stress, take a look at our Exam stress toolkit article.

woman listening to music

What to do if you’re waiting for your results

You may be waiting a while for exam results, so focusing on other things that you enjoy can help you feel more positive and relaxed. You could:

  • Make time for a hobby or interest you haven’t had time to enjoy during the exam period.
  • Make future plans - from spending time with friends, to planning something way into the future.
  • Start a project - from creative writing, making something from scratch, or even upcycling something you already own.

If you find yourself feeling worried or anxious about results, reaching out to someone who knows you well could be really helpful. A family member, friend, or even a lecturer may have some words of encouragement, and support if things are feeling difficult. If this doesn’t feel right for you, don’t forget you can always post on our forum to get some support from the Kooth community.

**If this article has affected you in any way, or you just want to talk to one of our team about anything at all, you can do that by heading to your kooth student account. Links to the aparto x kooth platform can be found in your residence facebook group.

aparto student

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