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Flexible start dates
We understand that this is a difficult time with lots of uncertainty, so we will be happy to rearrange your arrival date, if you are affected by delays to university start dates. We can offer flexible arrival dates that align with the start of your university academic year. You will not be charged for the weeks that you are not living with us before your university year starts. Find out more about eligibility below.
All students that have a room booking for 2020/21 academic year are eligible. You can delay your move in date until up to the first week in January 2021, but no later than the start of the individual University’s welcome week. You will need to provide proof from your delayed university start date.
If your university start date is delayed, we will reduce your rent for the period at the beginning of the contract when you will not be staying in the building. Rent will be charged from the date you check-in to your residence or the start of your University’s welcome week (whichever is the earliest date). If your course is due to finish later than your contract end date, you may add additional weeks to the end of your contract if your room is not already booked during that period.
We will continue to monitor individual university policies, however you will need to let us know by midnight on Sunday 16th August 2020, if the start of your university start date is going to be delayed.
We will need a letter from your chosen University or College.
As university start dates may change again, we will add any payments you have already made as a credit to your full year balance.
If you have paid in full in advance and you have delayed your move in date in line with your university start date, then we will provide a refund to your account within 28 working days after we have received proof of your delayed university start date. This policy will be reviewed regularly as the situation surrounding Covid-19 develops. aparto reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this cancellation policy at any time.
Of course, they’re welcome to come and see you throughout your studies. However, only one guest is allowed to stay in your room for a maximum of 3 nights a week. And, you must be with them the entire duration of their stay and sign them in on arrival.
During their visit, you are responsible for your guest – they must be signed in/out and follow all aparto regulations while they’re here.
Go for it - but please consider your fellow residents living in the building, and give the apartment a clean once you’re finished.
Checking in
We’re offering contactless check in! Simply complete your online induction via the email you receive and you will be emailed your express pass. Our handy video will show you the procedures we have put in place to keep everyone safe.
When you complete your online induction, you will be asked to book a check in slot. This is to help us ensure social distancing. Please try and keep to the slot you booked and let the residence team know if you’re running late.
Please follow social distancing guidelines, reminders are placed in the form of posters and signage around each site. For Dublin and Glasgow, currently you are not allowed anyone else in the building when you check in. For the UK you are allowed up to 2 people. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change depending on government guidance.
If you are traveling from a country with the guidance of self-isolation on arrival, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days. We can help assist you with your online food deliveries. Please contact the residence team for further information.
Directions to each of the residences can be found here.
Join the residence Facebook group to stay up to date with the latest events and to meet other residents. You should have received an email with a link to join – make sure you let us know what events you want to see!
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