Festivals: What’s on and how to make the most of them
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Festivals: What’s on and how to make the most of them

Summer is officially here and nothing screams summer more than a field, tent, limited showers and vibrant array of music.

Whether your bag is pop, house, disco or indie tunes there are festivals to suit all tastes with more and more being announced each year. Festivals have really changed over the years and now offer a massive range of activities including music, art, wellbeing and theatre. Set in amazing locations from beaches to woodland retreats, you really are spoilt for choice.


Here are a few of our highlights: 


Mixture of music, art and entertainment in a beautiful Suffolk setting

Wilderness Festival

Fancy a weekend getaway in Oxfordshire? Enjoy an array of music, theatre & arts and wellbeing workshops in a woodland setting.


If you want to party by the beach then check out Boardmasters in Cornwall. Headline acts include Wu-Tang Clan, Florence + The Machine and Foals.

Kendal Calling

Set in the beautiful Lake District and with tons of fun areas to explore such as the Woodlands, House party and Glow tent!

Outlook festival

If you want to go further afield, there are loads of festivals abroad where you have more of a guarantee on weather! Outlook is Croatia’s number one bass festival with a whole host of acts to keep you partying all weekend.




We’ve also sourced some top tips from seasoned festival goers:


Prepare for all weather conditions!

It may be 30 degrees one day and pouring with rain the next – we all know how temperamental the weather can be. A light-weight mac is a good shout.


Bring a power pack

If you don’t showcase your experience on social media, where you even there? With limited charging stations, portable power packs are a great way to make sure you don’t run out of juice.


Stay fresh

Vital toiletries include hand sanitiser and dry hair shampoo and baby wipes! These items will replace regular showers so stock up.


Camp near a landmark

Such as a fixed sign or coloured tent or flag. It’s likely that other people will have a similar tent to you, so make sure you can spot it easily!


To get to the front of the crowd

Always go to the side of the stage to weave in – this is key! Never try to go through the middle or from the back as you won’t get very far.


Don’t camp near the toilets

Your camping position is vital, try and get a spot uphill in case of adverse weather and pitch a good distance away from those festival toilets.



Stay hydrated and make sure you have this to hand especially for the mornings when you might be feeling a bit peaky.


Pack a pillow case

If you’re struggling for room, pack a pillow case instead of a pillow. You can simply stuff the pillow case with a jumper and there you go!


Bring snacks

This is key if you need a boost of energy before you make your way to a nearby food stall. Cereal bars are easy to transport and carry round with you.



It’s always fun to go that bit extra at festivals and face glitter and gems can be found for pretty cheap online. You can even get eco-friendly glitter that’s biodegradable!


A part of festivals

aparto has teamed up with festivals this summer including Strawberries & Creem and the Lancaster Ball! Here are some of our favourite snaps from the day:






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