What’s next after Netflix? 10 ways to stay productive at home


What’s next after Netflix? 10 ways to stay productive at home

20 April 2020


by Becca Snabel

Becca Snabel

Have you binged on all the boxsets? Maybe you’ve even completed Netflix. This blog will give you a few ideas of ways to feel productive.

Free Learning from the Open University

From nature & the environment to society and politics, the Open University has loads of short courses for any areas you want to ramp up your knowledge. Find out more

Get the lingo low down

Impress your pals post lock down by learning a new lingo. You can even brush up on your skills for all those future travels plans. Access loads of free language courses. Find out more

De clutter

It is amazing how much satisfaction you can get from decluttering your wardrobe. In the words of Marie Kondo, “does the item bring you Joy?” If not, bag it up for a charity shop donation once social distancing has cleared. Everyone’s a winner.

Deep clean

You know that “everything” drawer full of miscellaneous items? Or the heavily used microwave that has seen better days? You’ve got the time on your hands to get your clean on. It will bring a serious sense of accomplishment (and a nicer living space).

Get creative

Have you toyed with the idea of writing a story or taking up painting? Start now and let your creativity run riot! Create some new wall art or have a video discussion with friends over whatever lovely words you’ve got down on paper.

Cooking creations

You can get really obscure here, why not try and make a meal out of your food stash. You could even have a competition with your friends to see who can make the most outrageous meal, and it saves you another trip to the supermarket.

Make a post-lockdown list

Get yourself a list of where you’ll hit up once this has lifted. You can create a raffle style format of your choices and select at random to keep it interesting.

Research ready

Use this downtime to do your research. Whether you’re planning a post-study travel sesh or want to find out about certain careers, start looking now!

We’re super keen to see what you’re up to during social distancing, don’t forget to tag us @apartostudent on our social channels with your creative ways to stay entertained!

Becca Snabel

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