Travel the world, from your room

Travel the world, from your room

Dreaming of your next adventure? Well good news, you can travel the world in a very different way. While we’re adapting to a new world indoors, there are loads of cool destinations and iconic landmarks you can visit from the comfort of your own bed. Hey, you could even get some inspo to add to that post-lockdown list.

Giant’s causeway – Ireland

Explore this beautiful and rugged landscape and watch the sun rise over the bay. Just dreamy. Tour here

Palace of Versailles – France

If your feeling in a glitz and glamour mood, this is one to check out. Complete with gilded ceiling, a mirror room and lush gardens. Fun fact –100,000 gold leaves make up part of the décor. Tour here

Machu Picchu – Peru

On your gap year list? Have a sneaky peak now. Tour here

Taj Mahal – India

Considered as one of the most beautiful buildings created, this is one for the bucket list for sure. Tour here

The Grand Canyon – USA

This Arizona landmark is not to be missed at a vast 233 miles in length. Have virtual hike of popular trails (without the leg work). Will it be one for a future in-person visit? Tour here

Great Pyramid of Giza

Get super historical and have a gander at this amazing landmark, constructed all the way back in 2580–2560 BC Tour here

Hang Sơn Đoòng, Vietnam

This incredible tour lets you explore the world’s largest cave in great detail. Tour here

If you’re done travelling for now, check out our blog of how to stay connected during social distancing with tips to stay engaged, healthy and connected.

We’ve also taken our events online and have so far enjoyed chilling out in yoga classes and getting those requests in from our live DJ set – it is nice not to have to drag ourselves home after a night out. Check out what’s on via our Instagram page and join our community!

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