Top tips for moving into student accommodation in the ‘new normal’


Top tips for moving into student accommodation in the ‘new normal’

20 August 2020


by Becca Snabel

Becca Snabel

For those of you moving to uni for the first time, we fully appreciate that this year looks a lot different to what you might have expected. For returning students, it’s a case of adapting to the changes put in place to keep everyone safe. Whilst this brings some challenges and uncertainty, we are here to support you and to make sure you have the perfect home away from home! 

Our top tips cover anything from working together to keep things clean, to how to make new friends - a key part of the university experience. We’re here for you as we navigate the new normal together and can’t wait for you to join the aparto family.  

Keeping things clean  

A sparkling clean kitchen

When you move in, you will see a door seal on your room showing that your room has been deep cleaned. We've also got loads of procedures in place to keep you safe, find out more here. We need your help too - let’s all do our bit to keep things as shiny and sparkling as when you first moved in. I mean, check out how nice these shared kitchens look in the image above, let’s keep them that way! 

Spread the load: each kitchen will have a cleaning rota which you can fill out with your new flat mates. This will help you all work together as a team to keep things clean and tidy. 

Clear up as you go: this is so much easier than letting mess build up and having stacks of dishes to wash! 

Help each other out: cleaning surfaces, washing up etc will help stop the spread of germs and viruses  

Staying connected  

Virtual yoga

There are plenty of ways to stay connected in the new normal:


We’ll be running regular virtual events and smaller in person events covering a range of activities. From plant workshops, quizzes, sustainable fashion and pizza nights – we’ve got you covered. Find out more about our events programme here.  


There’s also loads of great apps and live streams that have all be made accessible to keep you occupied, from virtual museum tours to theatre live streams. Find out more here.  

Making friends  

Smaller in person events

Meeting new people and making friends is such an important part of the university experience. You may be feeling anxious about doing this in the new normal but fear not, there are plenty of ways to meet other residents: 

Get to know your Event Assistants  

We appoint 2 Event Assistants at each residence. They are also current residents and you will get to know them as our events gurus and friendly faces, making sure you have a great experience. They will run events and help create that all important community vibe.  

Join in  

We’ll be running regular events and also setting up specific interest groups so that we can run smaller in person events. We always ask for feedback and events input on email or in the resident Facebook group, so make sure you look out for this! 

Staying social, even at a distance  

Currently, you are able to use our social spaces (as long as you social distance – 2 metres please!). You can still hang out and meet other residents, just be mindful of the guidelines. Our legendary parties may be on hold for now, but we’ll still be putting on some fantastic events, stay tuned for updates.   

Remember, if you are living in a shared flat you will become one ‘household’ and are able to easily socialise within your flat.  


A quiet study space

With the move to a blended learning approach with some lectures online, accessing your uni content is easier than ever. 

WiFi wonders 

Our WiFi is top notch and we even won the Best Broadband Award in last year’s Student Housing Survey. So whether you’re knuckling down on that essay or having a study break with Netflix, you can stream away with no worries.  

Study spaces 

Want a change of scene for studying?  All of our residences offer some great study spaces and a quiet environment.  

If you have any questions about living with us, please contact the relevant site team and they will be happy to help. We look forward to welcoming all our new and retuning residents! 

Becca Snabel

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