Tips for an easy transition into College in Dublin


Tips for an easy transition into College in Dublin

07 June 2019


by Sandra Palencia

Sandra Palencia

Making the transition to college can cause some stress and anxiety for many students. We’ve teamed up with Marie McManamon, a qualified careers consultant and recruitment expert, to bring you some useful tips so you can feel confident and ready to start college!

Making the most out of being a new college student

    Becoming a first-year college student is one of the biggest transitions you can make so it is normal to feel nervous! Here are some tips to help you settle in:

  • Attend all talks/events during Induction Week so you’re familiar with everything about your college and course and a great opportunity to make new friends!
  • Join a club/society, whether you’re joining a sports club or a Business society, you’ll be able to meet likeminded people who share your interests or hobbies.
  • Organise your time well so you can wake up for those early lectures and be able to meet your coursework deadlines
  • Talk to people from your course or college when you get the chance, so you can all share ideas and support each other through the course.
  • Check out everything that your Students’ Union offers, such as job opportunities or events that you can be part of from Freshers’ parties to cultural celebrations.
  • Arrange get-togethers with your housemates, it can be an evening cooking at home or a day out to explore the city together.

Remember that if you ever need support, guidance or simply someone to speak to, you can always contact your Student Union, Student Advisor or the Student Services department. They are there to help you.

Deciding if your chosen course is right for you

    There is no need to make your final course choice right now, the CAO change of mind facility allows you to reselect your course choices between now and July. If you feel that the course you selected or were offered is not right for you, here are some possible solutions. Your options:

  • Continue with the course to understand more about what’s involved and if it's right for you, before applying for alternative courses.
  • Transfer to another course in the same college if it's early enough in the year
  • Leave your selected course and reapply through CAO for your preferred course for the next year
  • Complete the year and reapply before February or July CAO Deadline for another 1st year college place
  • Reapply through CAO the following year. If the course is outside the current college, then you can reapply through CAO before 1st February deadline. If your new course is at the same college, then there is a special late application date of 22nd July (apart from restricted courses).

Wrong programme choice is the key reason students leave. So, if you find yourself in this situation, you are one of many who have simply changed their minds once they had more information which is ok! Simply speak to the Student Services department in your college to help you think through your choices.

Sandra Palencia

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