Starting university: top tips
Top Tips

Starting university: top tips

Check out our top tips to get the most out of your first weeks at uni! You can also take a look at our awesome video created in collaboration with You Tube star Don’t Jealous Me!


It’s September! (How did that happen so quickly?!)

All that hard work has paid off and you’re all set to start the next chapter. It’s an exciting time with new friends to make, tons of social activities and of course, getting stuck into your course of choice!

It’s natural to feel nervous moving away from home, the following tips should help you have a great time and make the most of your university experience:



  • Your home away from home

It’s important to feel at home in your surroundings, so make sure you’ve packed your favourite items to have in your new room. From picture frames to posters, making your room your own will help you settle in. Plants are also great to create a calming atmosphere.


  • Talk to other students

It can be daunting making new friends but remember that everyone is in the same boat! Break the ice by going to your university induction and other Freshers’ events so you can start meeting each other. One of the best things about moving away to university is all the different people you get to meet!



  • Be considerate

If you’re sharing a kitchen with others, try your best to keep on top of household chores. This will help maintain good relationships with your neighbours and maintain that great atmosphere.


  • Get involved

There’s so much to get involved in at university, such as joining societies or contributing to the university magazine or radio station. These are also fun ways to meet other people with similar interests.


  • Get to know your residence team

At each aparto site is a friendly resident team who are on hand to help with any problems, answer any questions and always there for a chat!


Why not check out our video collaboration with Tolu, Don’t Jealous Me. We were lucky enough to team up and create a comical sketch, filmed at aparto Queens Court, in Reading. We had so much fun filming on the day and even got some of our current residents involved.

Tolu’s fame is best accredited to his online show Don’t Jealous Me, which was started in late 2008 when a friend found it hilarious at the way in which he was eating burgers and began recording him and Don’t Jealous Me aka T.Boy was born.

His videos have now amassed over 45 million Youtube views and over 200,000 subscriptions across his Youtube Channels.

Here’s a snap of behind the scenes footage from the day:




In the video, you can see:

  • Tolu’s journey to university!
  • How much he likes the aparto facilities
  • Cameos from our own student residents
  • And a lot of laughs along the way…


Watch the full video below, trust us, it’s hilarious!

Becca Snabel
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