Naked weekly shopping (without the packaging!)

Naked weekly shopping (without the packaging!)

Turn your weekly shopping trip into an interesting exploration through natural products while saving the planet from more plastic waste. You can get everything from pasta and spices to shampoo and toothpaste without any packaging. Here are some tips from the Minimal Waste Grocery.


Bulk, Bulk, Baby!

We’re not talking about 2kg tins of beans here. Buying bulk now means buying as little (or as much) as you need of loose unpackaged goods. Need to stock up on a lifetime supply of pasta? Work away. Need literally 1 teaspoon of cumin for a recipe – also grand. That’s the beauty of bulk – you can buy the exact amount you want, with zero plastic packaging, zero food waste and – bonus! – you save money by buying just what you need.

Fill ‘em up!

When you get to the bottom of your bathroom staples like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and handwash, and household cleaners like washing up liquid and laundry liquid, don’t buy a new bottle! Instead, refill your empties with eco-friendly alternatives.


If you’re looking to switch to greener alternatives on a budget, try your hand at making them yourself. All-natural and effective deodorant, toothpaste, dry shampoo etc. couldn’t be easier to make with just a few simple ingredients. Check out for recipes.

Switch to solids

A great way to move away from plastic packaging is to switch to the solid form of common household items. Shampoo bars and conditioner bars are an easy switch and often last longer than their liquid counterparts. Toothpaste tabs are another simple swap; just pop one in your mouth, break it up with your teeth, brush and spit as normal and ta-dah! Minty fresh pearly whites without a plastic tube in sight! Like to follow up with mouthwash? There’s a tab for that, too!

In Ireland, you can find all the above and a whole lot more at, an online zero-waste grocery store specialising in daily essentials, hard-to-find items and health and beauty refills.

In the UK, there are plenty of shops and local markets to choose from too – check out some top picks from The Telegraph. You can also find Lush in most UK cities to get fresh handmade beauty products free from plastic.

At aparto we believe that each one of us can play a role in looking after our environment, so as part of our experience programme we run events and provide tips to help residents shape the world of tomorrow through small meaningful habits today.

Maria Chica
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