Moving to university? Kit out your room on a budget!
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Moving to university? Kit out your room on a budget!

We’ve saved you the leg work for bagging those bargains and have some top tips for sprucing up your room. Those personal touches, whether it’s a cool light sculpture or a leafy plant, can make it feel much more homely.

With the new academic year fast approaching there’s so much to look forward to with fresher events, meeting new people and getting stuck into your course of choice. Moving away from home for the first time can produce a mix of feelings, those inevitable nerves and excitement to start a whole new chapter.

Finding cost effective ways to make your new room feel personalised and your home away from home is a great way to start the year.


Simple items that can make a big difference: 


Plants can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of a room and can also help reduce stress and boost creativity. Certain plants (found in the links below) are easy to look after and don’t need too much water! You can pick up decent plants for £7 from your local Sainsburys and website like Patch Plants have a huge range of leafy delights to choose from.


Extra lighting can create a fab ambiance, whether it’s a cool desk lamp or some jazzy fairy lights. There’s loads of options to choose from, Urban Outfitters have an awesome range of affordable lamps, light Sculptures and fairy lights.

Picture frames

Having your favourite snap of your family, best pals or pet gives your room that much more personalised feeling. You can pick  up picture frames from Flying Tiger  and Primark from £3 and H&M homes stocks them for around £8.


Having some funky bedsheets can really brighten up your room! Asda stock a cool range from palm tree to papaya prints and prices start from just £10. You can also find a great range on H&M homes with a mixture of plain and printed designs.

Storage organisers

If you’ve seen Marie Kondo on Netflix, you’ll know how amazing it is to have a de cluttered and tidy room! Storage containers can help you conquer all your storage needs. Ikea have a load of affordable options to keep your room looking nice and tidy for when you have your mates round.




Looking for something unique?

If you’re looking for something to add that wow factor, we’ve sourced some cool items that will make your room unique. Here are our highlights:

Fancy a photo display that looks like a clothesline? Find it here.

Break the curve of a typical table lamp and check out this incredible Moon light sculpture!

Showcase your bling on these critter ring holders

Jazz up your room with a personalised light box. Complete with letters and characters so you can create as may different messages as you want.

This cactus vase is pretty cool and will definitely be stand out feature of any room

Personalised pillow cases – add your own image or text!


At aparto we offer a whole host of fantatsic rooms in 11 different locations. Our residents love the aparto experience and their home away from home. See for yourself….



Becca Snabel
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