Living at a Distance


Living at a Distance

25 March 2020


by Tara


Sitting at home thinking what to do, the good news, we’re all in this together; to support, inspire and entertainthe aparto way!  It’s time to get a little more ‘remotely’ creative in our ways. Whether you need to lift your head to take a break from your online course, work or study books – or simply are looking for a way to stimulate the senses - it’s time to embrace change and let’s try to keep the connections alive!

Despite isolation, people are doing some fantastic things in all corners of our worlds from art, music, film, fitness and to encourage good fun. The aparto team always want to add that extra piece of inspiration or fun to your day and we hope with this mix of ideas we can help to do so. We’ve compiled some of our favourite’s, that might entertain you, your friends and or parents. So come on, enjoy and let’s do the browsing together.

1. #Covideoparty

While reading a recent article we came across hilarious comedian, Alison Spittle. Alison has creatively created a way for us all to watch Netflix movies together. Every night at 9pm Alison posts a film on her Instagram feed. Simply press play on the film selected for the day, dress up if you fancy and tweet, Instagram post or follow along with the hashtag #covideoparty There’s even prizes to be won! Give her a follow for this super-cool virtual community idea.

2. Nourish a sense of Calm

The calm app? - Download it. And get your Zen on. And anything else that get’s you through. This is a great way to help reduce any stress and anxiety.

“until this passes - Time to be in the moment. Men’s mental health activist Conor Creighton is hosting a 15-minute Instagram group meditation at 7.30pm each evening, “until this passes”. All are welcome.

3. Choose your Fitness Fun

Can you feel the BURN already? Here are some of the team’s top suggestions this week to help and guide you to stay fit, stay strong and stay healthy.

  • KOBOX : Instagram Live Boxing Focused Cardio Workout Thursday 26th March 10am with Discipline Fitness. All you need is YOU and a little space.
  • Zoe1Louise : Toilet Roll Workout – go on give it a go!
  • Leanwithlesley: Exclusive Free Instagram Live Workout on Saturday 28th March at 9.30am. Get ready to be your best.
  • Maeve Madden: Home HIIT Instagram Workouts. A Variety of cardio to select.
  • FLY LDN: Fancy some FREE YOGA…FLY LDN are going to stream multiple classes via Instagram Live (and later post them on YouTube). All sessions last for 45 minutes and are FREE.
  • CHRIS HEMSWORTH : 6 weeks FREE health and fitness on Chris Hemsworth's Centr app. From HIIT, to boxing, to yoga and the sessions last between 20 - 40 minutes – and allow YOU to choose the intensity. (offer ends 31st March) If Chris can do it, so can you.

4. Bake Up a Batch   

Recipes from MyFridgeFoodWith deliveries ramping up from Just eat and Deliveroo (which we all love), why not have a look at what’s in your fridge mid-week. Try to be a little more resourceful and cost-effective. For that reason, check out We are amazed, all you do is tick off the contents that are in your fridge and ‘voila’ your bespoke list of home recipes pops up!

Roz Purcell of Natural Born Feeder: Friday Night Cook along at 7pm. Having worked with Roz last year, the team know how good her recipes taste. We have 7pm marked in our diaries already, for every Friday! 5.

5. Let’s go Zoom:

Ready, Steady, Go… Zoom. Looking for a virtual space to hang-out in and to catch up with friends, family or your lecturers? Look no further and take the conversation over to Zoom. It’s FREE to download today. Try and set a goal each day to book in atleast two zoom video calls with friends or family. We need conversations to keep flowing – from a distance!

6. Fancy a Laugh

We recently started following Tadhg Fleming. A father and son duo act. They are bound to have you in stitches of laughter with their witty hoverboard videos, family banter and toilet roll games! Check the Fleming family out, they will guarantee to make your day feel that little bit easier and help you add that extra smile to your week.

Oh Celeste…Actor, Comedian, Writer and a Lady. Celeste Barber is a bloody big deal online and especially known for her #celestechallengeaccepted . It began in 2015 as a fun experiment to see what it would look like for an average person to photograph herself doing celebrity things. One of our favourite videos has to be this one, with over 6.2million views. Click Here CELESTE is so funny and we, like the world can’t get enough of her Instagram pun’s…

If we have missed something along the way, let us know


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