8 Influential People Who Got Their Starts at University [Infographic]

8 Influential People Who Got Their Starts at University [Infographic]

However long your degree, most students wait until they’ve finished their final assignment before thinking about finding a job. But with all the time, new resources and opportunities you now have as a student; university is a great time to think about what you want to do in life and start making steps towards achieving it. What happens if opportunity knocks while you’re still studying?

For some people, this is exactly what happens. They start a degree expecting to graduate and join the student talent pool, only for life to take them down a different path – giving them a head start before others have even hired their cap and gown.

The Famous People Who Got Their Starts at University

While it’s customary to find success after completing a degree, some of the world’s most influential personalities are proof that life can have other ideas. From computer whizzes such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to musicians like Lady Gaga and the founding members of Pink Floyd – opportunity can come when you least expect it.

Below, we explore the famous faces and influential people who got their starts at university.

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