Freshers guide – from freshers fairs to freshers flu
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Freshers guide – from freshers fairs to freshers flu

The first few weeks when you move to university are a bit of a whirlwind! From settling into your accommodation, making new friends and sampling the wide array of events and activities on offer during freshers fortnight. There’s loads of ace stuff to get involved in, from getting loads of free merch at uni fairs to partying at the many student nights. Our handy guide gives you a few tips on how to make the most of it, and how to try and keep the dreaded freshers flu at bay!



It can be nerve-wracking moving away from home and making new pals, but don’t worry – everyone is in the same boat! Uni is a great opportunity to make new friends that stay with you for life, so while it can be a bit daunting it’s also an exciting time.

Get to know your flat mates or neighbours and arrange to go together to get your freshers tickets and any uni registrations you need to do.

There will be tons of events going on to meet new people and also loads of societies to sign up for to meet people with the same interests, from the Cinema appreciation society in Kingston to the Hiphop and Breakdance society in Lancaster.  Whatever uni you’re at, there’s loads to get involved in.

The student cookbook

Whether your culinary repertoire is at the ‘ I can make a three course meal from scratch ’ or ‘I can use the microwave’ stage this is a great time to learn new recipes and can be great bonding exercises with your new flatmates and friends.  Check out our blog for quick and simple recipes for some inspiration. Get cooking up a storm and freeze what’s left over for quick go to meals all ready prepared.


Money management

It can be VERY tempting to blitz through that lovely student loan as quickly as possible but remember guys, this has to last for several months! While budgeting may seem boring it’s essential to make sure you aren’t strapped for cash a few weeks in. Save costs by cooking together with housemates and there are loads of part time jobs available to fit around studies for those that want to earn a bit more dollar. Remember you get loads of sweet discounts from your NUS card so make sure you sign up for one of these!


Staying safe

Always let people know where you’re going and who with and if you’re travelling back late at night, travel with pals. Make sure you register with a GP and dentist too and keep the phone numbers handy in case you need to make a visit.


Freshers fairs

Free stuff anyone? As well as finding out about uni life and societies, you can fill your boots (and bags) with loads of merch, from stress balls to stationary items, prize draw competitions and most importantly… free food. Yes please.


Freshers flu

For those who haven’t heard of freshers flu, this appears after a combination of the following: late nights, drinking, only eating beige food and more late nights. It’s basically a cold caused by overindulging in too many freshers activities which seems to linger long into the start of lectures. This can be kept at bay by following some simple rules…. Stay hydrated! If you’re out drinking make sure you also drink water. Trust me, you’ll be thankful the morning after. While takeaway chips and pizza are easy wins, try and chuck in some fruit and veg to get your 5 a day. Sleep is key too! Consecutive late nights can lead to the freshers flu so have some chill time, like a movie night with your flatmates.


At all aparto sites we run a regular events programme curated by our residents. From quiz nights, and parties to mini massages and yoga, we’ve got you covered.


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