Fresher's Guide: Surviving Fresher’s Week


Fresher's Guide: Surviving Fresher’s Week

10 September 2017


by aparto admin

aparto admin

Freshers’ Week is your fun-filled, action-packed introduction to university and the time when people will be out making friends and trying new activities. Join in without having to spend an entire week in bed afterwards with our survival guide to all the socials, societies, and themed club nights you’ll be attending in Freshers’ Week.

One of the best parts of starting university is undoubtedly Freshers’ Week, a week-long bout of activities, socialising, and learning your way around campus before classes start. The week will be packed with activities designed to help you settle in, make friends, and find out where the people who love the same things as you hang out.

Fun-filled, action-packed, and exhausting, Freshers’ Week can be a lot to handle, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you survive.

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Plan, Plan, Plan

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Okay, it may not be the most exciting place to begin your Freshers’ Week adventure, but planning is crucial. Your first student loan payment has just landed in your bank account, your parents have driven away leaving you to your freedom, and you just want to get the party started. We get it. But also, we already made the mistake of blowing our whole term’s food budget on a lion fancy dress so you don’t have to. Do the maths and work out how much you can realistically afford to spend over the week, then make a budget and stick to it. It might give you terrible FOMO to say no to that emo-nostalgia beach party, but you’ll feel a lot better about missing it when you aren’t trying to make rice and baked beans into a meal in week three.

There is also some practical admin that you’ll need to take care of in Freshers’ Week, so don’t get too caught up in the fun and forget the important stuff. Course enrolment often takes place during this first week, so grab all the documents you’ll need and go stand in that massive queue. You also might need to sign up for any additional classes you plan to take, so make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines. Important paperwork like applying for council tax exemption and joining a local doctor should also be a priority during Freshers’ Week, you’ll regret not getting them sorted early later down the line.

Be Yourself

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Freshers’ Week is a really important time for making your first friends at university. Some of the people you meet might turn out to be your closest friends over the next three years and beyond, so it’s worth beating that shyness and chatting to new people. Try leaving your bedroom door open so your new housemates feel like they can pop in and say hi.

At the risk of sounding like a cheesier version of your mum, Freshers’ Week is also a great time to be yourself. Everyone is in the same boat as you, so get chatting to new people and use this as an opportunity to find other weird and wonderful types you get on with.

University is an amazing place where all kinds of people come together; you can be sure that no matter how niche your interests, there’s not only someone who shares them, but there’s probably already a society dedicated to it. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, people will be drawn to how genuine you are.

Don’t Try to Do Everything

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Freshers’ Week is manic, there are tons of socials for every society, organised club nights, and discount shopping events every single day. If you try to go to everything, you’ll want to just crawl into bed forever before you’ve even made it halfway through. A much better approach is to check out what’s going on beforehand and decide which things you are interested in going to.

It’s great to try new things, but there’s no point in going to the Trampolining Society Social if bouncing up and down makes you sick, so pick wisely. This also applies to nights out, there’s only so many nights you can spend shouting at your housemates over 90s R&B before you realise it’d be easier to get to know each other at home. Get the house together, grab a pack of cards and a few beers, and find out where everyone is from without the same dubstep track looping in the background.

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