Fresher's Guide: Student Safety Tips


Fresher's Guide: Student Safety Tips

10 September 2017


by aparto admin

aparto admin

Living alone for the first time is a big step and it’s important to be responsible when it comes to your safety. From locking up your bike to looking after your friends, these tips are just some of the ways you can keep yourself, your friends, and your belongings safe at university.

University students can sometimes find themselves the victims of crime, as groups of young people living together can be seen as an easy target. Lots of students living together often means that a house will have several laptops, music systems, and even cars, so student housing is regularly targeted in some areas.

Similarly, large groups of young people who have been drinking late into the night can sometimes be targeted at cash machines or in clubs. Whilst it’s unlikely that you will experience a crime during your time at university, you should also be careful to keep yourself and others safe.

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Be Responsible

responsible student safety

Now that you’ve moved out of your family home and are living independently, it’s especially important that you act responsibly when it comes to safety. Ensure that your phone is charged when you leave the house, just in case you need to contact someone in an emergency. Always let someone know where you are going if you are going out alone, with new friends, or on a date.

When it comes to walking around your new university town, be sensible about the routes you take. Walking under the underpass might be the quickest way to get home at 3am, but it definitely isn’t the safest. Look out for yourself and also anyone who is with you, never let anyone walk home alone when they’ve had a few drinks or leave someone behind on a night out.

Get Insured

student insurance tips

Although all aparto rooms are covered by contents insurance packages, it is worth organising insurance for expensive items you routinely take out and about. For example, contents insurance won’t cover your phone should you lose it during a hectic shopping trip – so, a separate phone insurance package is a must.

Secure Your Belongings

getting around as a student

Even if the area seems safe, it’s important that you properly secure all your belongings to keep them safe. If you have a bicycle, invest in a good quality lock that secures not only the bike itself, but also the front wheel it has a quick-release mechanism. Always lock your bike somewhere that is well lit and be sure to secure it at home as well, even if it is in the shed. Always check that you have locked all windows and doors in the house before you head out, even if you are just popping to the shops. You should also be careful to lock and alarm your car if you have one.

All aparto accommodations offer secure fob access, CCTV coverage and on-site security to keep you safe at home. Additionally, the bike storage facilities will keep your prized two-wheeler secure when not in use.

Watch What You Drink

student watch what you drink

Drinking excessive alcohol can impair your judgment and make you more vulnerable to would-be criminals. If you are planning a big night out with friends, make sure that you are going out with a group you trust and looks after one another. Keep an eye on one another’s drinks when you are going to the toilet or heading to the dance floor and make sure no one gets dangerously drunk. Sticking together is very important on a night out, so don’t leave anyone to stay out alone or let them walk home alone.

Set Up Security Software

security software for students

Nowadays, you don’t only need to protect your physical belongings, but also the work and personal details you keep on your computer. Download a comprehensive security software package to protect against malware, bots, and hackers trying to steal your personal details.

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