Festive finds: Christmas shopping on a budget
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Festive finds: Christmas shopping on a budget

Christmas is just around the corner and that nice long break from uni work is in sight…..

Amid the parties, catch ups and end of term coursework deadlines you may have asked the question: What do I buy for people this year?!

Fear not, this handy blog will give you some great gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Remember, it’s the thought that counts…


  • Get creative in the kitchen

Gifts don’t have to be extravagant purchases. Rustle up some tasty treats in the kitchen and give as gifts, from gingerbread to snowflake pretzels, this also earns you extra bonus points for thoughtfulness and creativity.  Or your present could even be cooking a meal for family and friends.



  • Make your own hamper

Great for a personalised gift! Stock up with bargains from supermarkets, local shops etc and bundle it up a hamper and you’ve got yourself the perfect present. You can select the receiver’s favourite treats, so they’ll know it was nicely thought out.


  • Get Artsy

If you’re lucky enough to have those creative skills, make your own gifts! If you can paint, create a nice canvas print. Into photography? Why not make a cool photo collage as a gift.


  • Make your own terrarium

Plants are a present everyone can get on board with. You can get glass terrariums online for a fiver and then just add your mini plants of choice!


  • Local Christmas markets

These are a great way to pick up unique gifts at a good price. Plus, you get to support local traders! Have a Google to see where the nearest ones to you are.


  • Charity shops

Have a browse around local charity shops for hidden gems. Not only is this a cost-effective way of shopping, you’re also supporting a good cause. Pay it forward too and donate any unwanted items- these might make a great present for someone else.


Hopefully that gave you a few pointers if you’re struggling for ideas!


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Becca Snabel
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