Wellness Evening with Roz Purcell

Wellness Evening with Roz Purcell

At aparto we’re all about living your best life and we could all benefit from a little focus on wellbeing and body positivity. We love hosting wellbeing events and therefore we hosted a fab evening with wellbeing and cookery author Roz Purcell. Guests of the event had the chance to try some of her great, healthy recipes and quizzed her on how she finds the balance in looking and feeling great.

Question time

The questions were flowing from the audience and of course, food was a hot topic and we were dying to know how Roz balances a hectic schedule with a well-balanced diet, check out our videos for all of Roz’s hints!

It’s all about balance

Some of the questions steered away from the topic of food and moved on to the pressures of college life, both in the classroom and outside of it.
The balancing act of being social and making friends while maintaining positive mental health is sometimes no mean feat. Roz’s answers on this subject were so insightful and thoughtful, we so hope that it rang true for our guests (and now you too!)

Natural born eater

After an extremely informative question and answer session, we all made our way to the on-site cinema where our chef was laying out a stunning spread of nutritious nibbles. From lentil, oat and curry burgers to Black rice and feta, and too many delicious balanced desserts to mention.

Ready for your close up

Roz must have patiently posed for a photo with everyone in the room before we all made our way towards the reception area, not before grabbing one of our wellness goodie bags and a Roz recipe Buckwheat Energy Bar.

Next time

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket for this event don’t worry as we have a series of wellness events happening throughout the year, stay tuned. We do hope that you enjoy this blog and find it to be a positive, uplifting guide to college life!

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