Are you Career Ready?
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Are you Career Ready?

Are you ready for your next career path? With the college end of year fast approaching and exams nearly a distant memory, it is time to start thinking of life after college.

We recently held a career workshop in our Dublin residences with Ted Walsh of ‘Enable Me Coaching’. Ted is an expert in his field, with over twenty years’ experience, as a business, development and career skills coach. Ted has given us some career tools and insight to support you, on your next journey after college.

Ted’s Top 5 Tips to get you Career Ready:

1. Remember the two things an employer is looking for when they are hiring. Can you do the job, (do you have the skills and competencies required to do the role.)? Will you “fit”?

2. Get to know yourself. Understand what you bring to the world of work. Know your values, skills, strengths, areas for development, experience etc. You will be asked these in the job application and interview.

3. Build your network. Both your real network of acquaintances and online. 95% of hiring managers and recruitment firms use Linkedin as a source of candidates.

4. Your CV should contain a profile section. The profile section should align where possible to the requirements outlined in the job spec using keywords. The body of your CV contains evidence to support the claims you have made in your profile.

5. When preparing for interview, do your research on the company, know your basics. Use SOAR framework (Situation, Obstacle, Actions, Results) for competency based questions. Have questions for the employer at the end of the interview.

Coaching brings Clarity. Clarity enables action.

If you would like further details on a guide to LinkedIn and or sample ways to build a strong CV. Please get in touch

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Tara O'Brien
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