Student Life


At aparto we are more than just a place to stay, we’re a community! All of our residents and staff are part of the family, not forgetting our furry pet pals who are there to lend a paw….

Buddy – The Stoneworks, Brighton 

Yo! I’m buddy the puppy, one of the newest members to the Stoneworks. It’s great here, I get loads of attention and everyone says I’m ‘cute’ which must be a good thing as they give me loads of treats.

Likes: New people, treats, cuddles

Dislikes: nothing

Usually found hanging out with residents in reception

Gizmo and Bear – Beckett House

Hi, Gizmo here! I’m a designated staff member, I’ve even got an aparto jacket. I love working here as I get to help with all the events, from mixing drinks to putting up bunting (although I always need help with this as I can’t reach that far).

Likes: helping out the site staff, food enthusiast

Dislikes: When Bear gets more attention

Usually found lending a paw at our events 

Bear – Beckett House

Hi. I am Bear and a very chilled member of the team. When Gizmo is away I come to play with all the students (and take Gizmo’s toys shhhh). My days consists of naps and treats, which is a pretty sweet lifestyle.

Likes: long naps

Dislikes: loud noises 

Usually found have a good sleep by reception  

Sebastian and Ash – Binary Hub

Hiya, I’m Sebastian. I get super spoilt at Binary with all the students wanting to hang out with me (even when I’m trying to sleep *sigh*). My new best pal is Ash, the kitten, who is always trying to surprise me but he’s never that subtle.

Likes: shiny things and attention

Dislikes: Not getting enough attention

Usually found hanging out with Ash, the kitten   

My name’s Ash because I was found on a golf course in Ashbourne. I’m so glad I got taken to my new home. Now I have tons of fun making loads of new friends and another cat to hang out with!

Likes: his home in Binary Hub, and the new friends he’s made

Dislikes:  Golf

Usually found hanging out with Sebastian the cat    

Mark and Jack – Cam Foundry

I’m Mark and live in the Cam Foundry with my brother Jack. Apparently, I’m always getting up to mischief, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with crashing flat parties and trying my paw at DJing.

Likes: music, parties, exploring 

Dislikes: Not getting enough attention

Usually found outside causing chaos   

Hey there. I’m Jack and I’m living my best life at the Cam Foundry. I prefer the quiet life and am happy just chilling at reception.

Likes: lazy days, the indoors

Dislikes: crowds and loud music 

Usually found in a quiet corner by reception 

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