A part of wellbeing


A part of wellbeing

27 May 2020


by Becca Snabel

Becca Snabel

Social distancing has created challenges for all, and we wanted to share with you some top tips for looking after yourself and others.

Be kind

The theme of mental health awareness last week was be kind. This is an important mantra to adopt generally! Kind words can really make a huge impact on someone. Some easy steps you can take include:

Be kind to others

  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Tell someone you know why you are thankful for them
  • Send someone you know a picture of a cute animal or interesting article
  • Arrange a virtual chat with a friend

Be kind to yourself

  • Forgive yourself more often
  • Treat yourself to some pampering and self-care
  • Take a break outside and get some fresh air

Focus with Forest app

Getting too much screen time? We hear ya. Whether you’re studying for exams or just want a digital detox, the forest app is a way great to beat phone addition. For taking phone breaks you earn rewards and credits to grow lush trees – a great way to focus! Download for free in the app store.

Feel zen with meditation

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, meditation can be a great way to have some down time and to reset. Apps like Calm and Headspace offer guided meditations to help you unwind and feel zen.

See ya fast fashion

Got unworn gems in the wardrobe archive? Why not spruce them up and repurpose! Our fabric painting tutorial gives you some tips for getting creative. Upcycling is also great for the environment so everyone’s a winner.

Exercise = endorphins  

Whether your bag is running, yoga, HIIT or dance there are tons of free resources online. Exercise is also great for mental wellbeing. Check out our insta posts for workout tips.


All that desk time taking its toll? Simple stretches can really give you a boost. Check out our video of quick and easy stretches to feel limber again.

Cook off

Cooking is a great way to unwind and lockdown has given us the opportunity to really get creative in the kitchen. From classics like banana bred to experimental ‘use up all available ingredient’ vibes, there’s lots of taste sensations going on. The aparto staff have some great recipe suggestions which you can find here.

Got any experimental dishes you’d like to share? Tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see!

Becca Snabel

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